My ryokan in Kyoto

Let me tell you about it.

Me and my aunt stayed in Kyoto for three nights.
Stayed at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) called Three Sisters, located right next to the huge Heian temple. And it was so. Peaceful.

Characters from the Kabuki play I watched in Ginza

So quiet.
I wore my yukata and felt at peace with life.
And I think I've let you know of my love for tatami mats, yes.
The last evening they had brought fresh flowers, and the owner gave us presents; a box with chopsticks and an adorable purse. As a thanks for us staying there. She then went down on her knees and bowed to us with her head down to the floor. I stumbled a thank you and didn't know what to do with myself; how do you react to that...?

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