Nice Thursday

After eating dinner from Family Mart in the park in Shin-Okubo, we went to an izakaya in Takadanobaba.

Loved the place!
Really down to earth, and so cozy! There were action figures from Star Wars and Ultraman, and posters of SMAP, Kishidan and various manga. The staff had bleached hair and piercings, was so nice and joked around all the time with everyone.

He took a pic of himself when I asked him to take the picture of us, haha.

Of course I love the more fancy izakaya's where you take off your shoes and the staff bows to you, but these cheaper ones just gives you such a warm feeling! It's almost as coming home to some dear friends, even though I went there for the first time.

(Sara and Maja, I'm definately taking you there!)

See yaa~!

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