Nom nom

While I'm on the subject of food...

When my aunt was here, I got to eat so delicious meals that me as a poor student never eats otherwhise. And YES I took pictures. Here's a fancy super traditional restaurant in Kyoto, that she talked about for the rest of the trip...

We found it by coincidence, lucky!

First: wait for it...
Tadaa, after three minutes freshly made tofu!
And, uh, some... thing.
Fried tofu with... something on top.
Fresh vedgetables, mushrooms and fish! Wait for it... wait for it...
...and dig in!
Dessert (that I started to eat before remembering to take a picture)
I also forgot to snapshot the very first starters.
That course costed 7000yen and took 2 hours to eat.
I think I've never been so full in my entire life....

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