Tokyo Disneyland

Schooltrip to Disneyland!

Disneyland was fun.
Yes, it was fun. But not that fun...
A lot of the time I also felt kinda creeped out, due to the unreal, plastic atmosphere.

We were there for 12 hours, though it felt like we stood in line for the attractions half of the time, haha. So many people, and so HOT. I sunburned my face and arms, booh.

The best part was the Haunted Mansion!
Not because it was scary (although I'd probably shit my pants if I was 5 years or so, haha), but because it was the kind of classical, old-school, gothic horror that I love and is so cosy, it was made of win. I'd ride it again if it didn't take 90min to get in.
After that, I felt much better about Disneyland, haha.

In Disneland, they have easter for two months.

The light parade was awesome! And yes, I admit, I became ten years younger when I watched all the characters pass by. I grew up with Disney movies after all.

The castle was very pretty, but very small.

I'm happy we went there, I probably never would if I had to pay for it myself.... But yes, I enjoyed it, a lot!

(But I missed the Lion king! There was no Lion king!!)

See ya

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rusty さんのコメント...

I recommend you going to Disney Sea instead of Disney Land if you ever plan on returning. Disney Sea is a little bit more, hm, "grown-up". Not as many kids come there, aka not as hysterical atmosphere. I went to Disney Sea about 4-6 times in one year, I love it from the bottom of my heart. Just wandering around the harbor is fantastically beautiful. Plus, they serve alcohol, lol.

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

ya, everyone keeps telling me Sea is better, so if I ever go back it'll definately be Sea!

Malin さんのコメント...

Vi ska ju till Sea Ylwis ;D
Eller... jag har bestämt det, eftersom att min man vill ha dejt där så tänker jag dra med dig och emelie :D