Tokyo, I'm home

I'm back in Tokyo!
Home sweet home...
I think it took two days for me to start missing Tokyo. Even though I was in Kyoto enjoying the culture. Hm.
Well. Took the Shinkansen back this morning, and then rushed to school for the first day after the Golden Week holidays. Nice being back! Not so nice with a huge test tomorrow.

I'm gonna write all about Kyoto when I get the pictures from my aunts camera. (My own gave up the first day, booh.)

Today was HOT, bleh.
But okay. Since me and my aunt took a peek into Takashimaya....


A looong t-shirt, leggings and a cap.


A scarf and two small towels.
Essential in the Japanese summer, to wipe off the sweat. Everyone has one. And if I have to sweat, which I hate, now I can at least do it with style.

Ready for the summer?
Peace out!

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