This saturday I went to Ueno zoo! The oldest zoo in Japan.

How many Swedes can fit into a tree?
Ueno zoo was awesome.
I went to a zoo in Kyoto as well, but it was mostly depressing due to the stressed and bored animals extremely small cages. In Ueno they had much more space.
I love love love the lions. And the tigers. And all the different monkeys. And and and!
Later in the evening, I went with some other friends to a club in Roppongi. Sooo artsy fartsy! You had to have a reservation to be able to get in at all, and inside was only artsy fartsy people. First was a DJ, that was so great. No one really talked, only listened to the DJ session. Later was a very. Very. Pretentious dance performance. After that a band that was so drunk, but really good.
Although those kind of pretentious artsy fartsy clubs aren't my thing really, it was fun to go. And it reminded me so much about my high school.
Peace out!

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