Watching the worldcup at bull's♪

Ouch, that left a big hole in my wallet

But now I should be ready for chuukyuu class.
Thursday and Friday off, and then...


BBQ and 飲み会

Barbeque in a park in Mitaka!
I can tell you people. It was the most ambitious bbq I've ever been to.

"Nah, I walked from the station! (It's a maybe 15min walk) Yep, I went here alone!"
....wait. I don't get the awesome part?
I took over to cut vedgetables instead of another woman,
"Oh, so you can cook as well?"
"Um, well, a little bit I guess."
*cut cut cut*
...wait. Because I can cut a carrot?

It was a nice and relaxing time in the park.

Afterwards we went to the usual izakaya in Kichijouji to drink.
I really like these people, I feel very relaxed together with them!

(Too bad Maki, Masahiro and Kyo isn't very visible in this pic. Not to mention the other 8~10 people not in it! So many peeps! I lost count.)

This weekend.
I have been busy!


Some kind of midsummer celebration in Yoyogi kouen.

That kinda ended up in just a drinkin' thinkin', chillin' killin' time.
Our group were a million people (maybe a third of us are in teh pic); some slept, some disappeard for a few hours, some did a fire show, some danced around a tree, and everyone had a nice time.



Got invited by Suzujun to go eat yakiniku!
At a small Korean place in Takadanobaba.
Gotta love the bib you got to protect your clothes
(It sure was needed haha)
Only our table got the rice shaped like a heart hihi

Afterwards most of them went on to a paraclub, but I went home instead. Had a strange dream about dinosaurs.


Three week's memories

I hope it won't take too long time until we see each other again.♥


Maja and Sara went home this morning, I miss them already!
Three wonderful weeks has already passed.
I'm alone again in my apartment, that suddenly feels strangely big...
Today I went straight home, cooked dinner myself, and now I'm gonna spend the evening cleaning and doing laundry since it's not raining for once.

Tomorrow I'm going drinking and eating yakiniku with friends, on Sunday there's a BBQ in Mitaka with other friends. I'll probably be the only foreigner both times, which will be fun, but also a bit trying since I've had tests every day this week and I kinda feel like talk in a language where I don't have to strain myself.
Can't wait though, I hope it'll put my mind off things for a while.




9th floor, I like the view.
And kahlua milk.
And great company.
And Tokyo.

What I don't like, on the other hand, is the rainy season. Please get out and give me some fresh air instead orz.



Best lightning EVER
KaraokeKan, you are awesome★


DJ love

Since Sara and Maja are here, I suddenly feel like being with them more than blogging. But every day is full of fun these days! Today we ate shabu shabu at a place near my school, and then went to Orenchi Koi for drinks. Tomorrow is party hard at Current!

Of course there's also been some karaoke!
And whose songs do I always choose?

There's no karaoke without Age Age Every Night, noooo way.
Spiderman is also played frequently.
And of course, One Night Carnival with Kishidan!

Old readers might know about my passionate love for this man.
But I mean... just look at him!
You just have to love it.

I'm so gonna get a ticket for a Kishidan gig this fall!
(Or die trying.)



Get ready for a huge ass entry of doom, trying to answer all your questions!

It’s hard to say exactly when I started to get interested in Japanese culture. When I was a kid I watched Sailor Moon and I was obsessed with Pokémon for a while, but I guessed it started for real when I was 11-12 and started to read manga. No idea how I started to do that, though. Along with that came the music and the fashion and yep, I got stuck.

Going to Japan had always been a dream, like “Ooh I wanna go there, someday!!” you know. But when I was around 15-16 I felt that I wanted to be there more, not just as a tourist for a few weeks, but to live an actual life for a longer period. So yep, I guessed I decided it by then.
Oh, and when I was in Junior high, my Japanese skills weren’t really that impressive, haha. I took some private lessons, studied hiragana and katakana on my own, and lots of phrases got stuck, but I couldn’t do a conversation. I started study Japanese for real when I moved to Tokyo.

And what I did before Tokyo? Well... I graduated high school. Then I had a summer holiday with a couple of jobs to make some more money. And then, I moved. Kaching!

I’m not yet really sure what I want to do after my current language school has ended. There’s an education here that seems rather interesting, but since I don’t know anything for sure yet, I’m gonna keep that a secret....

So do I ever feel like I want to go home?
Well, actually... No.
I don’t.
I don’t love everything about this country and I don’t think it’s the paradise on earth, but compared to how I’m living now, my Swedish life was a sad joke. And I have nothing in particular to go back to either, except my family and yea. I feel happy about maybe going home suring summer break, but that’s only because I know I’ll be returning right away.
(Well, this is a difficult question since I’m torn between two places I call home, but right now, I’m definately staying.)

I can’t really say what the most difficult thing about moving here was. The first month or so, I was just super excited all the time, haha! I hadn’t been to Japan before, and since everything was so different from any other country I’ve been to, it was all so many impressions to melt and take it, and I got a bit exhausted from time to time. But since that might’ve been the most difficult thing, I think it’s determined that things really weren’t that difficult.

I'm attending ISI Language School. I have school Monday to Friday, four lessons a day (i.e 20 a week and no school on Sat-Sun)
I’d really recommend my school, yes. It’s super effective for learning Japanese quickly, and the teachers and staff are all very nice and friendly! Not sure I’d recommend doing it through SI though, well, it was very easy but from my experience, they are not the most friendliest people on earth. The school welcomes any nationality, but I guess SI is just a Swedish agency. (?)

Is it difficult if you only know a tiny bit japanese?
Meaning, in real life or in school? In school there is no problem whatsoever, period. In real life I guess it can be a little bothersome since Japanese people generally suck at English, but you’ll definately get by with no problems! And as for me, I prefer that my Japanese friends don’t know any English, so I can speak Japanese haha.

Also, generally, I feel very safe about being in Japan. I often walk home alone in the middle of the night, with no problemos. And if a random guy walks up to me I just need to say no thanks, and he backs off. If you just stay away from the yakuza and badass gangs (and prostitution and drugs and blablabla) I think it's a very safe place to live in.
Also, feel free to leave all your belonings at the cafe or bar or concert or wherever you are, and walk away for fifty years; when you're coming back, your stuff will still be there.

My budget is at the moment about 14’000 SEK a month, if I remember correctly. (Aprox 165’000 JPY, though it differs every day in these sad times...) My rent is 80’000yen (6800SEK maybe?) and I have bills and other expenses besides that, of course. It’s all student loan and grant. (CSN… yay.)
Somehow, I often get the question how I can afford buying brands and such. Well... I guess it’s called saving, and it’s probably as simple as that. I don’t buy unnecessary things? That’s why I buy brand, eat out every day (…I actually never cook at home, ehum), go party at an iazakaya or karaoke place, and take a taxi home if I’m tired after a night out. Even though my budget is limited. But keep in mind, I don’t buy brand every day, I don’t party hard every weekend. But I’m careful with what I put my money on, every day. (…at least I try. Ehummehehe.)

So what’s more expensive? Hm. Hard to put my finger on. Food and alcohol are so. Much. Cheaper. It’s insane! And well, I don’t know. When I think about it, this town ain’t that expensive. But since you probably want to do fun stuff all the time, of course you’re wallet will be empty in a minute if you’re not careful.
Also, the JPY has gotten so much more expensive since I got here, boo! My rent is almost 800 SEK more than when I moved in! And still, CSN wants to lower the alowance?! DAMNIT CSN MAYBE YOU CAN START THINKING WITH YOUR HEAD SOMEDAY.

Moving on.

It was very easy finding an apartment, I’m renting one through Fontana. I went there and said Hi, I want an apartment! and less than an hour later I had picked one of my liking and the contract was signed. Moved in a few days later. But! Gotta say, they aren’t really the friendliest and most welcoming people on earth either. Just sayin’.

My favorite:
- Restaurant
Well, I mostly eat at cheap places, I guess the fanciest I usually go to is Jonathan’s, who serve really nice western food. Other, I often go to Sukiya and Matsuya (gyudon and curry), Cocoichi (best curry in town), S-Gasto (various), and the kaiten sushi place I don’t know its name. All is very cheap and price worthy.
- Bar
Hmmmmm, I’d say Rock Inn Current in Shinjuku or Bull’s Café in Nakano. Or BEAMS in Mitaka, ehehumheh.
- Club
I actually don’t like going to clubs so much, so. Trump room in Shibuya is pretty funky though. But to be honest I’ve mostly been to para para clubs, haha. (And choosing amongst para clubs, I’ll pick SEF at alife in Roppongi.)
- Izakaya
Since we’re into the subject, I’ll have to write my favorite ixakaya as well!
Watami is a chain that’s basically everywhere (really, they’re everywhere) and they’re pretty cheap but still high class. The service is superb, the drinks are yummy and the food is amaaaazing. I also really really like one that’s in the top floor at Shibuya crossing, but I didn’t look at the reciept so I don’t know how expensive it was, haha. Buuut, my all time favorite is Orenchi Koi in Takadanobaba! It’s awesome.
- Café
Starbucks! Lovelovelove the vanilla frappuchino nomnomnom.
- Concert hall
Shibuya O-EAST, definitely. It’s pretty big, (over 1000 people probably, but dunno exactly) but since it’s very wide, it feels like you’re really close to the stage even if you stand in the back. Two thumbs up to that! I also like the teeny tiny ones, like Ikebukuro CYBER or RuidoK3, it’s like going to a gig in someone’s living room.
- Metro station
Hm…. Metro stations aren’t that exciting really. Shinjuku station is kind of a bother (world's largest wohh) but I like that it's super close to ALTA when coming from Marunouchi line.
- Shop
Oh.. come on. You probably already know this, right? Right? It’s on a back street in Harajuku… it’s men’s fashion… I heart beats faster when I’m on my way there… I write silly entries full of love after I’ve been there…
Yes! It’s JackRose! Whooo! Yay! Yatta! Lovelovelove!
- Shopping mall
Laforet in Harajuku (because of Gadget Grow, BPN and Sixh.) and Maruione in Shinjuku (because of bigger BPN and Sixh. shops). And 109-2 in Shibuya (because of a million gyaru-o/host-kei brands)
- Place
Shinjuku and Harajuku and Nakano. Yep! I also really like Ueno, although I don’t hang out there so often. (it’s the other side of town…) But lately I lean mostly towards Shinjuku, that's also probably where I spend most time. I like places with lots of interesting people, and Shinjuku is the place to be!

As for Japanese bands, I like Lynch., M, Kagerou, Kyokutou Girl Friend… If you know these band’s sound you’ve got my taste right. As for non-Japanese, I like The Prodigy, Rammstein, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers…
I don’t know if I can do a top 5, but there you got what I listen most to, at the moment.

The weather is difficult. Winter time is rarely under 0, and snow is not common. But the houses doesn’t have isolation, which made me feel like I was freezing more here than in Sweden’s –20c….
Now, the rain period just started, which means humidity 150%! Add a 30+ degrees to that and it feels like you walk into a wall of butter. And if you have thin Scandinavian hair like me, it starts to frizz as soon as you step out of the door ugghhh.
Summer is HOT HOT HOT.
Fall and spring are looooovely.

Yes, random people have wanted to photograph me at streets. I remember a girl with funky style who snapped a picture of us at Takeshita street in Harajuku. I also remember two girls who asked me and my friends if they could take purikura with us, and dragged us into the photobooth. That was random, haha!

Like an Edison Shinjuku store:
From Shinjuku station, take the West exit and walk right, you pass a Uniqlo and a a big ass crossing with a clock. At the crossing, continue on the same street on the left side, and turn left at the fourth street just before Sunkus. It’s next to a yakiniku resturant (?), and Jishuban is just nearby.
Sorry I suck at descriptions, ehehe….

Are takoyaki really so great?
Hahaha, lovely question!
Well. I guess it depends if you like it or not, haha! But if you ask me... YES THEY ARE. Takoyaki is a taste sensaton out of this world! I’m always, always ready to eat takoyaki. My number one favorite food, yeeeaaaaahhh!!
Mm. Have a bite and make your own idea! (But do it at Gindaco; best takoyaki in town!

I hope I got the all the answers!
And sorry if I missed something.
Feel free to ask something else, anytime!
Peace out☆



Today in school the teachers announced that:
The school will move location!
Away from Shin-Okubo! To.... Takadanobaba! Yay!
Where my all time favorite izakaya is.. hurr hurr hurr....

The school house in Shin-Okubo is old and in really bad shape, the Yamanote line is just outside the window, it can get very hot, and when it's raining hard the stairway needs to close down so we have to use the emergency exit. Yes, there is a certain charm to that as well, but I'm looking forward to a clean and neat school! When school starts after summer break, 16th august, the location will be Takadanobaba.

Now to something completely different;
someone said I could do a make up tutorial, but yah, I'm not that good at make up, but if some more are interested, sure, why not.

Now to another completely different thing;
next week is my dear English friend's birthday, and since he is a para para king there will most certainly be a few para para clubs again. Oh... man. Haha!

Interesting entry, YES
Answers to your questions coming up next.
Peace out!


Wedding party!

The wedding party was held in Azabu-Juban in a fancy club. It was so fun! I got to meet lots of friends I haven't seen in ages, and also met so many new people!

I met Heather at the station and we went there together. (We were the only foreigners there.) I'm a bit sad I didn't get an outfit picture though... I was wearing a suit with a dark blue shirt and my killer heels, happy with the result! ...and probably the only girl that didn't wear a dress! Satomi said "Oooh cool, you're doing host-kei!" so I guess that's what I was doing, haha.

At first, only Rena (the bride, wah so pretty!) was there, since Suzujun was too drunk.... Getting married is srs bsnss! But later on he also turned up!

And then, the whole thing turned into a para para club.
Para para wedding, geez, haha!
I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the room that wasn't into it.
But it was so much fun!



Make up

I love to apply my make up slowly and take my time.
Fun times!

Now, off I go to the wedding party!


大佑と黒の隠者達 oneman awesomessss

Hello, readers!
I've just been to one of the best concerts I've been to in my entire life!

Daisuke (Kagerou, the studs) had a oneman at Shibuya O-EAST in connection to his first single release! This solo project is called Daisuke to kuro no injatachi (Daisuke and the black hermits, haha) and is made of AWESOME.
His new music sounds like a mix of Kagerou and the studs, yummy.

When entering the venue, opera music was playing. On the stage was platforms and lots of candles, on the wall was drawings and it was all in a very tasteful steampunk style. His musicians and the venue staff was all dressed in long hoods, and I wished Daisuke's outfit was in my own wardrobe.

He sang the songs on the new single and a new song on top of that, but besides that, they only played... Kagerou! My gosh! I was a little surprised but had nothing at all against that, it was just pure win. No songs from the studs, only Kagerou!

That man... his voice is just a gift from heaven.
And that's all I've got to say about that.

The MC's were hilarious! He talked in this dark, dramatic voice, but all he said was pure nonsense, haha! One time he said like "Lately.... my brain hasn't been working at all... I'll try again now. Wait.... no, it didn't move."

At the last song at the last encore, the curtain went down during while the song wasn't finished yet, and when it ended, Daisuke peeped out and gave the audience a kiss. Then, the curtain rose again and they showed his new music video! Awesome sauce.

And it was all... I don't know, it was so amazingly done, everything! From the intro to when the video ended, it was just, oh I don't know how to say it but.
It was the best.
The best.

Peace out.

When it's 28 degrees

...you can look like this. If you want.

Thanks for the questions, people!
I will give you a huge ass post of doom filled with all the answers, but it'll probably take a while to write it down. If you feel like you wanna put in another question, feel free to fire it at me before I write the answer entry! Whooshhh!


Ask me anything!

I've been reluctant to do a post like this since I've thought no one will ask anything and I'll stand there looking stupid.
But, since I got a direct request, why not.

Ask me anything!
And I'll answer mith all my might!

Karaoke 747

Took the girls to izakaya and karaoke; a taste of the real Tokyo life, haha!
Since we went to Za-Watami near Shinjuku stations west exit, we went to Karaoke 747 simply because it's next door. I haven't been there before since I've been told they kinda suck, but I didn't see anything wrong with it. The song line-up was pretty good, it was kinda cheap, and they had super awesome funky disco lights!!!1



A new perfume and a mascara,
The Buried with Lynch. and 13kai wa Gekkou with BUCK-TICK.
That album with BUCK-TICK is the best. The. Best. All categories. I've searched for it for a long time, but today I finaly found it! The the limited edition, on top of it all! Now, because I have this, I don't need any other CD's.

Oh, and.

A new armour ring, from Vivienne Westwood.
Since I lost my other one at a club in Roppongi.
And I discovered that I can't really live without one.
But! Now I'm all set again!


Oh happy days!

Since yesterday, Sara and Maja has come to town and brightens my life up even more!
It feels unreal, and I'm so, so, so happy!

After arrival we almost immediatly went to BEAMS in Mitaka since my friends invited us. Brought Swedish crispbread with cheese (and cheese slicer), and some candy, and oh my what success. They ate it all up at once!

Today, we slept all day. (Jetlag, woho!)
Later on, we went to Current for a short while (zombie party, woho!) and then to Taito and took some purikura!

I really really really don't want to go to school tomorrow.
I wanna have holiday too and play with my friends all day!


I'm not ready to leave

Barely three months left on my current stay in Tokyo...
But, I can't leave now, can I?
As much as I miss my family and a few (but close) friends, Tokyo became my home.

Which is why I signed up for another year.


Shin-Nakano, around 05:00

There's always, always someone there to greet you when you come home.
Maybe it's what I love most about this neighbourhood.



Once a year, the school takes all the students to earthquake practice.
So, off we went to Ikebukuro!

First off was a movie about a magnitude 7 earthquake (magnitude 7 and over is when cities are destroyed and people die) and I got scared shitless. Really, yes.
And I really really really hope I'm not in the subway when* the big one happens.

As for practice, one part was if a fire would occur. That's no problem, since a kid I've been taught how to react during a fire. We got to go through a passage of rooms filled with smoke, remembering to close doors and such.

Then, the earthquake simulation.
my god.
In an ordinary room, we got to experience a magnitude 7 earthquake, taking cover under the table while the lights went out and things were falling down all around us. That was some serious shiet.
I've felt many earthquakes since moving to Japan, but they've all been under 2 or 3 at the very most. But 7... that was just. Even though it was just a simulation I did with my classmates, my heartbeats went so much faster. I don't like to feel how the world is torn apart!

A picture from the Kobe earthquake in 1995, to.... lighten up the mood. Uh.

* Because the question is not if, it's just a matter of when.



Everything looks so good right now!
It's just, I just, I dunno, but.
So many things in various aspects of my life is just... Great!
And I seem to have been worrying about a certain thing all in vain!

In other news:
Today I got a postcard from Sixh., with a handwritten message (that felt like a personal greeting, haha) about an upcoming event at the store in Shinjuku and other stuff. They sure know how to care about customers in this country!

I was planning to buy a bookshelf or some of the like today, but...
Maybe I'll just do that another day and continue feeling good about everything instead.


Always look on the bright side

I've started to space out again (and my insomnia is getting worse). This time I know exactly why but since I can't do anything about it, it just makes the whole thing worse.
But tomorrow I'm meeting a few new Japanese friends I met last week, that'll be fun! You gotta think about the good sides when something start to look down for you...! www

(Picture totally related since it's also a good side ♥)