Get ready for a huge ass entry of doom, trying to answer all your questions!

It’s hard to say exactly when I started to get interested in Japanese culture. When I was a kid I watched Sailor Moon and I was obsessed with Pokémon for a while, but I guessed it started for real when I was 11-12 and started to read manga. No idea how I started to do that, though. Along with that came the music and the fashion and yep, I got stuck.

Going to Japan had always been a dream, like “Ooh I wanna go there, someday!!” you know. But when I was around 15-16 I felt that I wanted to be there more, not just as a tourist for a few weeks, but to live an actual life for a longer period. So yep, I guessed I decided it by then.
Oh, and when I was in Junior high, my Japanese skills weren’t really that impressive, haha. I took some private lessons, studied hiragana and katakana on my own, and lots of phrases got stuck, but I couldn’t do a conversation. I started study Japanese for real when I moved to Tokyo.

And what I did before Tokyo? Well... I graduated high school. Then I had a summer holiday with a couple of jobs to make some more money. And then, I moved. Kaching!

I’m not yet really sure what I want to do after my current language school has ended. There’s an education here that seems rather interesting, but since I don’t know anything for sure yet, I’m gonna keep that a secret....

So do I ever feel like I want to go home?
Well, actually... No.
I don’t.
I don’t love everything about this country and I don’t think it’s the paradise on earth, but compared to how I’m living now, my Swedish life was a sad joke. And I have nothing in particular to go back to either, except my family and yea. I feel happy about maybe going home suring summer break, but that’s only because I know I’ll be returning right away.
(Well, this is a difficult question since I’m torn between two places I call home, but right now, I’m definately staying.)

I can’t really say what the most difficult thing about moving here was. The first month or so, I was just super excited all the time, haha! I hadn’t been to Japan before, and since everything was so different from any other country I’ve been to, it was all so many impressions to melt and take it, and I got a bit exhausted from time to time. But since that might’ve been the most difficult thing, I think it’s determined that things really weren’t that difficult.

I'm attending ISI Language School. I have school Monday to Friday, four lessons a day (i.e 20 a week and no school on Sat-Sun)
I’d really recommend my school, yes. It’s super effective for learning Japanese quickly, and the teachers and staff are all very nice and friendly! Not sure I’d recommend doing it through SI though, well, it was very easy but from my experience, they are not the most friendliest people on earth. The school welcomes any nationality, but I guess SI is just a Swedish agency. (?)

Is it difficult if you only know a tiny bit japanese?
Meaning, in real life or in school? In school there is no problem whatsoever, period. In real life I guess it can be a little bothersome since Japanese people generally suck at English, but you’ll definately get by with no problems! And as for me, I prefer that my Japanese friends don’t know any English, so I can speak Japanese haha.

Also, generally, I feel very safe about being in Japan. I often walk home alone in the middle of the night, with no problemos. And if a random guy walks up to me I just need to say no thanks, and he backs off. If you just stay away from the yakuza and badass gangs (and prostitution and drugs and blablabla) I think it's a very safe place to live in.
Also, feel free to leave all your belonings at the cafe or bar or concert or wherever you are, and walk away for fifty years; when you're coming back, your stuff will still be there.

My budget is at the moment about 14’000 SEK a month, if I remember correctly. (Aprox 165’000 JPY, though it differs every day in these sad times...) My rent is 80’000yen (6800SEK maybe?) and I have bills and other expenses besides that, of course. It’s all student loan and grant. (CSN… yay.)
Somehow, I often get the question how I can afford buying brands and such. Well... I guess it’s called saving, and it’s probably as simple as that. I don’t buy unnecessary things? That’s why I buy brand, eat out every day (…I actually never cook at home, ehum), go party at an iazakaya or karaoke place, and take a taxi home if I’m tired after a night out. Even though my budget is limited. But keep in mind, I don’t buy brand every day, I don’t party hard every weekend. But I’m careful with what I put my money on, every day. (…at least I try. Ehummehehe.)

So what’s more expensive? Hm. Hard to put my finger on. Food and alcohol are so. Much. Cheaper. It’s insane! And well, I don’t know. When I think about it, this town ain’t that expensive. But since you probably want to do fun stuff all the time, of course you’re wallet will be empty in a minute if you’re not careful.
Also, the JPY has gotten so much more expensive since I got here, boo! My rent is almost 800 SEK more than when I moved in! And still, CSN wants to lower the alowance?! DAMNIT CSN MAYBE YOU CAN START THINKING WITH YOUR HEAD SOMEDAY.

Moving on.

It was very easy finding an apartment, I’m renting one through Fontana. I went there and said Hi, I want an apartment! and less than an hour later I had picked one of my liking and the contract was signed. Moved in a few days later. But! Gotta say, they aren’t really the friendliest and most welcoming people on earth either. Just sayin’.

My favorite:
- Restaurant
Well, I mostly eat at cheap places, I guess the fanciest I usually go to is Jonathan’s, who serve really nice western food. Other, I often go to Sukiya and Matsuya (gyudon and curry), Cocoichi (best curry in town), S-Gasto (various), and the kaiten sushi place I don’t know its name. All is very cheap and price worthy.
- Bar
Hmmmmm, I’d say Rock Inn Current in Shinjuku or Bull’s Café in Nakano. Or BEAMS in Mitaka, ehehumheh.
- Club
I actually don’t like going to clubs so much, so. Trump room in Shibuya is pretty funky though. But to be honest I’ve mostly been to para para clubs, haha. (And choosing amongst para clubs, I’ll pick SEF at alife in Roppongi.)
- Izakaya
Since we’re into the subject, I’ll have to write my favorite ixakaya as well!
Watami is a chain that’s basically everywhere (really, they’re everywhere) and they’re pretty cheap but still high class. The service is superb, the drinks are yummy and the food is amaaaazing. I also really really like one that’s in the top floor at Shibuya crossing, but I didn’t look at the reciept so I don’t know how expensive it was, haha. Buuut, my all time favorite is Orenchi Koi in Takadanobaba! It’s awesome.
- Café
Starbucks! Lovelovelove the vanilla frappuchino nomnomnom.
- Concert hall
Shibuya O-EAST, definitely. It’s pretty big, (over 1000 people probably, but dunno exactly) but since it’s very wide, it feels like you’re really close to the stage even if you stand in the back. Two thumbs up to that! I also like the teeny tiny ones, like Ikebukuro CYBER or RuidoK3, it’s like going to a gig in someone’s living room.
- Metro station
Hm…. Metro stations aren’t that exciting really. Shinjuku station is kind of a bother (world's largest wohh) but I like that it's super close to ALTA when coming from Marunouchi line.
- Shop
Oh.. come on. You probably already know this, right? Right? It’s on a back street in Harajuku… it’s men’s fashion… I heart beats faster when I’m on my way there… I write silly entries full of love after I’ve been there…
Yes! It’s JackRose! Whooo! Yay! Yatta! Lovelovelove!
- Shopping mall
Laforet in Harajuku (because of Gadget Grow, BPN and Sixh.) and Maruione in Shinjuku (because of bigger BPN and Sixh. shops). And 109-2 in Shibuya (because of a million gyaru-o/host-kei brands)
- Place
Shinjuku and Harajuku and Nakano. Yep! I also really like Ueno, although I don’t hang out there so often. (it’s the other side of town…) But lately I lean mostly towards Shinjuku, that's also probably where I spend most time. I like places with lots of interesting people, and Shinjuku is the place to be!

As for Japanese bands, I like Lynch., M, Kagerou, Kyokutou Girl Friend… If you know these band’s sound you’ve got my taste right. As for non-Japanese, I like The Prodigy, Rammstein, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers…
I don’t know if I can do a top 5, but there you got what I listen most to, at the moment.

The weather is difficult. Winter time is rarely under 0, and snow is not common. But the houses doesn’t have isolation, which made me feel like I was freezing more here than in Sweden’s –20c….
Now, the rain period just started, which means humidity 150%! Add a 30+ degrees to that and it feels like you walk into a wall of butter. And if you have thin Scandinavian hair like me, it starts to frizz as soon as you step out of the door ugghhh.
Summer is HOT HOT HOT.
Fall and spring are looooovely.

Yes, random people have wanted to photograph me at streets. I remember a girl with funky style who snapped a picture of us at Takeshita street in Harajuku. I also remember two girls who asked me and my friends if they could take purikura with us, and dragged us into the photobooth. That was random, haha!

Like an Edison Shinjuku store:
From Shinjuku station, take the West exit and walk right, you pass a Uniqlo and a a big ass crossing with a clock. At the crossing, continue on the same street on the left side, and turn left at the fourth street just before Sunkus. It’s next to a yakiniku resturant (?), and Jishuban is just nearby.
Sorry I suck at descriptions, ehehe….

Are takoyaki really so great?
Hahaha, lovely question!
Well. I guess it depends if you like it or not, haha! But if you ask me... YES THEY ARE. Takoyaki is a taste sensaton out of this world! I’m always, always ready to eat takoyaki. My number one favorite food, yeeeaaaaahhh!!
Mm. Have a bite and make your own idea! (But do it at Gindaco; best takoyaki in town!

I hope I got the all the answers!
And sorry if I missed something.
Feel free to ask something else, anytime!
Peace out☆

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aaaaah gotta love you!! thanks for long detailed answers (and funny emhummehehe)! :D

匿名 さんのコメント...

Would you consider Tokyo to be a safe place to visit?
I'm making plans to visit Tokyo for a couple of weeks but I'm a bit paranoid if I'll be okay, since none of my friends can afford to come with me... :(
Sorry about the rant... XD

匿名 さんのコメント...

you didn't say which school or did I see wrong?

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Oh, sorry! Updated the entry.
I go at ISI language school.
I think Tokyo is a safe place to be.

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TACK, TACK, TACK! Nu slapp jag skicka ett awkward brev om allt sånt här 8D

Jag ska börja tvåan i gymnasiet nu och bestämde mig för ett år sedan när jag började ettan att jag skulle flytta till Japan efter gymnasiet,iallafall för att språket ska sätta sig ordentligt, efter att ha varit ganska så besatt sen jag var 8 :>

Jag läser japanska i skolan och lär mig själv tack vare musik och manga xD... Kyokutou Girl Friend är förresten <3 ;D

Mina föräldrar har gått med på det, vi har haft seriösa samtal om det vilket är awesome, och när du skrev det här inlägget blev både mamma och jag väldigt exalterade!! xD

Så ja.. ville bara tacka antar jag ( ^ ^;)

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Thank you for the answers!!! :D

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hey how much is your apartment rent? :O and how long is your summer holiday?

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

my apartment rent is 80'000yen, and my summer holiday is 2,5 weeks.