Karaoke 747

Took the girls to izakaya and karaoke; a taste of the real Tokyo life, haha!
Since we went to Za-Watami near Shinjuku stations west exit, we went to Karaoke 747 simply because it's next door. I haven't been there before since I've been told they kinda suck, but I didn't see anything wrong with it. The song line-up was pretty good, it was kinda cheap, and they had super awesome funky disco lights!!!1

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Tim さんのコメント...

Japan are the true kings of Karaoke Music still! They are obsessed and to a large extent it is embedded in part of their culture. I've recently bought some fantastic kit from Sing To The World and I too have been bitten by the karaoke bug! It looks like the girls had great fun though!

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when did you realise you wanted to go to Japan, and what did you do before you left?