Maja and Sara went home this morning, I miss them already!
Three wonderful weeks has already passed.
I'm alone again in my apartment, that suddenly feels strangely big...
Today I went straight home, cooked dinner myself, and now I'm gonna spend the evening cleaning and doing laundry since it's not raining for once.

Tomorrow I'm going drinking and eating yakiniku with friends, on Sunday there's a BBQ in Mitaka with other friends. I'll probably be the only foreigner both times, which will be fun, but also a bit trying since I've had tests every day this week and I kinda feel like talk in a language where I don't have to strain myself.
Can't wait though, I hope it'll put my mind off things for a while.


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oh well,
we'll meet again...!

now have as much fun as you can with those ...special friends of yours over there, ehehuhu! ;D