Too early for marunouchi line, had to walk to shinjuku. Part of me was dead, part of me was happeh; I love this city and I like walking around in it♪



Ignores the fact that I really. Really need to be packing my stuff.
Instead I occupy myself with staring at the ceiling and thinking.
I've become pretty good at that lately, ceilingstaring!

Well. At least I've cleaned my apartment.

Picture very related.


Best birthday present

When school had ended I made my way to Harajuku and the love of my life, to get me my birthday present! JackRose first original wristwatch! Svarowski crystals, mmm.

I hanged out at the shop for a while and talked with the staffs! (Hat-guy's name is Wataba.)
Everyone said congratulations, and the shop manager gave me a discount on the watch because it was my birthday! They also gave me some random pins and stickers, haha. And a promise that they will all go out drinking with me after I come back from Sweden.
I'm gonna have to write that again.
A promise that they all will go out drinking with me after I come back from Sweden.

It was indeed the best birthday I've had so far.


Best birthday so far

Had such an awesome night at Orenchi koi!
Damn, I love that place! Best way to celebrate!

The best izakaya in town!
Love the place, love everyone who works there, love their birthday celebration special.
Aaaaah life.



Start my birthday off with a kanji test...

But I got a birthday gift from Jideon from the other class!



Birthday partay

Nothing spoils the party mood the way morning does...


This is so VK

The other day, my teacher pointed at my wristband and suddenly went "Aaah Ylva-san, you are so visual kei!!!"

Wait... what?

To JackRose and back

Uninteresting outfit!
Because all I could think about this morning was OMFG IT'S HOT and then my brain stopped working. Because of 36c. On those days, this is how things turn out.

Shirt: JackRose, pants: Sixh., shoes: Gadget Grow, bag: Diavlo, necklace: Vivienne Westwood.

Oh, and
I sure didn't have it planned all week to go to JackRose today. And when school ended I certainly didn't get all nervous about it and even thought about not going at all. Nor did I know exactly what I was after, just as I didn't pretend the opposite.

maybe I did.
Just a little.

Kudou and I had a long chat again, ahahaa he's so funny with his hey-I'm-2-cool-4-school-way... And I reserved my birthdaygift from myself! I'm going back on Monday (i.e. my birthday heeehehe) to buy it. Won't say what it is though, because then I'll ruin the surprise for me.

And then when I left the store, I sure wasn't so happy I could dance.
Nooo no. No way.
I'm never like that after I've been to JackRose.

Or, uh, maybe just a little.

Oooooh can't wait for Monday!


There are a lot of things in this world I can deal with.
But waking up in a sea of sweat isn't one of them.
I'll have to look at the bright side: July is soon over, then it's a bit of August and September, and when October's passed it'll be cooler again!

After lunch with Malin at Jonathan's I went to BookOff again and got two more volumes of Drop, listened to Orange Range and got in a nice summer mood. Almost so nice that I could ignore that my skin is melting and my guts are boiling!

In lack of other interesting news, I can tell you that I'm going to Sweden in just over a week, to spend my summer vacation! (...if I my visa gets approval that is.)
Stockholm and Borlänge, be prepared....


Drop out

Popped by my local book shop and picked up a Men's Knuckle. Then took a stroll to BookOff and got Drop 1 and 2 in tankubon, finally! (Oh and, for half the original price yay) This manga is just full of 100% win, so I think I'm gonna collect the whole series.

But I notice that along with me reading a lot of yankii manga, my Japanese has becoming more and more full of slang. Ops...

Oh and did I mention that I melted into a little puddle of sweat while doing my little walk? It's 35c here already and it's only getting hotter... bah!
However. I'm still in a splendid mood.
So splendid that I don't even care to worry about the three huge ass tests of doom I have this week!


Make up tutorial

Here it is, as per request.

My camera is not the best and I do suck at explaining but.
Hope you can enjoy!

Click to make it big

Noticed some misspellings but I'm too lazy to fix that now heh.

Prepare for a JackRose-entry of doom

Yesterday I had one of the best moments in my life.
Luckily, I've calmed down now so I don't have to write it in caps, haha.

Went to Harajuku with Johan!
Johan has an excellent taste in fashion and we went to many awesome shops I hadn't been to before. Damn, I love Harajuku.
Of course, The Shop is located there as well.
You know my passion for this brand and store... You just can't help what you fall in love with.

Anyway so.
We entered the store (be still my beating heart!!), and good ol' Kudou greeted us. I love how he's stopped saying "Irasshaimase~" (welcome) so me and just say Oh-! Hello, welcome home! instead, haha.

I looked around a bit but, of course I already knew what I wanted so after a not-so-long time I settled for this belt! Nom nom.

So, when I was paying, the staff who almost asked me out appeared! At first he didn't recognize him since he'd changed his hairstyle from long, black, curly to bleached 1cm! He also had a hat, and since I actually don't know his name I'm gonna call him hat-guy in this entry.

Me and Johan left and I was shaking from ecstasy, as I always do, and was bit angry at myself for not staying longer. But Johan, my dear friend, pursuaded me into going back! So while he went into some other shops, I entered JackRose again. Hehe.
It seemed like all the staffs were in that day ('twas saturday after all) and everyone greeted me as usual, I guess everyone who works there knows me well by now hihi. Of course, the first thing they asked me was if Johan was my boyfriend, which I relieved them by saying that wasn't the case.

I didn't know what to get so I spent a long time in there, leading to some more chatting with the staff. Kudou was the one who helped me out of course, and he asked "So hey, you live in Nakano right?", I got a bit surprised since it was probably over half a year I told him that, so I said wow, you remember! to which he suddenly got a serious face, put his hand against his heart, looked me deep into my eyes and replied "Of course I remember."

One time he also asked how old I am, and also revealed his own age (which surprised me a little bit). Then he said "So how old do you think he is?", pointing at Hat-guy. I know that since our conversation last time, and Kudou got surprised and asked how I knew that, to which Hat-guy explained "Because we had a long talk last time! We became friends! We became friends, right??" I said yes, of course. "She also agreed to go on a date with me!!" and the whole store went "Whoaaah!!" Well, he said it was a joke of course, but uh, I wouldn't mind... Just sayin'...

Soooo in the end I decided to get a JackRose x Collars shirt in a more rockish style since I'm in that kind of mood right now.

At the cashier Kudou told Hat-guy that I'm maybe going back to Sweden next year, and he buried his face in his hands saying "Nooo, I though we were gonna be friends forever!!!" hahaha, I said I don't want to go home, but don't know what to do after finishing my studies. Then Kudou dropped the bomb: "You should come work here!" "Yea, we could need a young female staff who speaks English!"
was my reaction.
If I could get a job at JackRose, I-I-I... I...!!!!!!
Even if they might've not been 100% serious (I dunno), still!!!!
Of course, this has been my secret dream since.... long.
I'm not gonna be able to sleep for another tewnty years or so. Instead I'll lie there imagine me being a part of the JackRose Harajuku store. Ghhhh.

I finally left (it was past closing time, oops) but, the staffs outside held be back. Apparently one had seen me in walking about in Nakano, since he also lives there! So I stood around for a while talking some more.
Then. It was time to go. At least I tried to walk normally and not start dancing around. I met up with Johan again. Poor Johan, he had to bear with all my ranting.

Then I went to a housparty over at Alex and Been and a karaoke session and then walked my way home but I think you know what was going on in my head all that time.


I warned you about this entry!

I've also found the perfect birthday present for myself!
Hurr hurrr hurrrrr





My current state of mind, in pictures

I think that pretty much sums it up, yes.





Death by eating

Ate shabu shabu in Shinjuku.
1280yen for 90min tabehoudai. So cheap! And yummy!
And since it was all you can eat I ate myself to death again.
It just can't be helped....
At least I can comfort myself with that I don't have to eat in another, say, 100 years or so.

So now it's extra long weekend again (Monday off yay!), but I have no plans.
What to do?
Sitting in my apartment by myself is full of fun.
But I can't do it three days in a row, right?
What to do......

Oh no

Oh no


Daisuke died today

Oh no

Oh... no

Oh no




Me and Malin went to Shibuya and met friends from Sweden currently in the country, Rebecca and Hyo (also a Sara Mari for a short moment), and had some relaxed happy times!
Game center, Shibuya 109-2, purikura, izakaya.
Didn't take many pictures though, booh.
But ah, it was fun!
I bought a movie, for a ridiculousy high price (4000yen?! what kind of bs is that!), that I will watch when I have the time.

I see now that having morning classes kicks ass; suddenly you have the whole day to do stuff! Hah, hahaaa!


Karaoke madness

Today me and some friends from school walked to Shinjuku to eat lunch. Plus the French guy sitting next to me who no one knew. It was tabehoudai (all you can eat) with okey food but not very impressive.

BREAKERZ was apparently holding a free live at Alta, but they're stupid so no one cared hah. Haha.

When everyone was satisfied, we walked through Kabuki-chou down to Okubo, where we sang karaoke at a Korean place. I'm always in a mood for karaoke yay! Though after two hours people left for various reasons, so in the end it was only me, Been, Mun and Dojin. I have to tell you, I'll probably never ever get any sense out of the Korean language, haha! So in the end we had a total of five hours of karaoke, which added up to 200 yen each. (16 SEK)

I need to write that again.

Five hours.
200 yen.



But I'm not complaining!



Every three months we change classes in school, so far I've been together with most people from the beginning, but this time only me an a Chinese girl jumped up to a class that's a teeny tiny bit more advanced than where my old classmates are. (But I miss sitting next to my Korean friend a bit)
Along with classchanges, we also get different teachers.
I've been very satisfied with my teachers, although all the time there's always been one or two that I don't quite like. (They're all good people, but if you ask me they should've chosen another trade..)
It's now the second week of the 3month-period. And the teacher line up?
Couldn't be better!
Especially Tuesdays. Tuesdays are from now on the best day of the week.
On Tuesdays we have Hihara-sensei.

I had her the very first three months after starting school, and now, half a year later, she's back!
The first thing she says is "Wooh Ylva-chaaaan!!" with that typical grin of hers. She is short and slender but her voice is dark and strong, and I think everyone can see she doesn't take shit from anyone. She wears no make up and is the only teacher I've had who use slang in class. And also the only one who makes fun of all the students. I bet she was a yankii when she was young, haha. (But I'm serious)

I guess it's because she's was my teacher when I was a beginner, that she always gives me comments in class. (Also like "...right, Ylva-chan?!" after an explanation, or put my name in examples and so on) I am and has always been a calm and quiet student, teachers like me but doesn't give me that much attention; except for Hihara-sensei.
Having her now is so much more fun since it's in intermediate class, and we can have an actual conversation instead of a few words in baby-japanese. And when I leave the classroom and she says "So, Ylva-chan, I'll see you next time, isn't gonna be a blast??" with that grin again, how can I not love her!

Oh tuesdays....

Peace out.


Yay but yuck

Bought a manga magazine and became satisfied that I could read and understand evvvvverything! Well, pretty much anyway.
Felt nice, hurr hurr.

Then I got fed up with a billion pages of crying girls who need to be protected by guys but oh we can't be together because maybe someone eventually might get hurt *cry cry cry* UGH GIMME A BREAK ALREADY so I went on the lovely Interwebz and read read some Crows instead.
Mmmyes, hit that ugly bastard, hit him good!!

I need Crows and Worst in tankubon.

...buuut then I needed a break from all the testosterone.
What to do next?
Maybe I have too much free time...

Aaaaand in other news,
this weekend I'll do a make up tutorial! (No time in teh mornings)

Peace out!



Had a nice weekend with Frida and Bella who stayed over.
I also managed to knock out a splinter of my front tooth...
on the karaoke microphone.


Nicely done, Ylva!

And in two weeks I turn into an adult, in this country!


Story & Spirit

Surfed around fast fashion brands in a search for cheap summer garments (35c today, bleh) but I somehow ended up looking through JackRose's homepage once again. Now, how did that happen... I wonder.

it said.
But the item I'm currently eyeing the most is not on sale of course, it's the Number One Belt, as the staff has informed me. But oh my. The next time I walk in that store I'm not gonna be able to leave without it.


trying my best to resist the urge to run to the store right now.


Fresh citrus

Bought new toothpaste.
Liked my old one, pear, but now its time for orange. Fresh!☆

It also matches my toothbrush.
Instant buy.



Sucks to have a cold.
When its over 30c and humidity 200% it sucks even more.
Studied for a while at gasto, but damn. No energy.
Will go home and die for a bit.

See yaー★



Started the morning class.
Feel very comfortable with the level and speed and so on. Also feels nice to have finished minna no nihongo, haha.

I just wish the morning class wasn't in the morning......


This weekend has been far too stressful for me to care to blog about it. It's been fun, I'd like to tell you about it, but.... too stressful. So I'll just skip it. Mm.

And now I have morning classes so I shouldn't sit here, off with me and get dressed or something!

Peace out.
Intelligent title because why not.


A day spent on my ass

Woke up.
Ate a banana and thought about leaving the house.
But since it's a day off and it felt like ages ago I did not do anything, so to speak, I figured: ...nah.

Things Ylva did today:
Read a book
Surfed the interwebz
Drew female superheroes in the notebook instead
Read some more

But I also walked the 20 meters to the vending machine and bought some more water.
I'm not one who sits on her ass all day, mind you.
Oooh no.



Sooo many times I've got pamphlets from Domino's, but today I just couldn't resist. A few click on the interwebz, and 15min later the pizzaman was at my door.