Drop out

Popped by my local book shop and picked up a Men's Knuckle. Then took a stroll to BookOff and got Drop 1 and 2 in tankubon, finally! (Oh and, for half the original price yay) This manga is just full of 100% win, so I think I'm gonna collect the whole series.

But I notice that along with me reading a lot of yankii manga, my Japanese has becoming more and more full of slang. Ops...

Oh and did I mention that I melted into a little puddle of sweat while doing my little walk? It's 35c here already and it's only getting hotter... bah!
However. I'm still in a splendid mood.
So splendid that I don't even care to worry about the three huge ass tests of doom I have this week!

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BroderShinto さんのコメント...

Hur mycket kostar manga där borta?
Måste vara mycket mycket billigare än här i väst.

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

one regular volume of a shonen manga costs about 400-500yen, so I guess it's cheaper yes. and, muuuch better quality!

Mutsumi さんのコメント...

Mens Knuckle! xDD Such a funny magazine xDDD But I love their unique models ♥

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Mutsumi: I prefer men's knuckle over men's egg and such, but... it's still pretty silly. there are only one or two models that I like, but I buy it for the clothing inspiration. what can you do! orz