Every three months we change classes in school, so far I've been together with most people from the beginning, but this time only me an a Chinese girl jumped up to a class that's a teeny tiny bit more advanced than where my old classmates are. (But I miss sitting next to my Korean friend a bit)
Along with classchanges, we also get different teachers.
I've been very satisfied with my teachers, although all the time there's always been one or two that I don't quite like. (They're all good people, but if you ask me they should've chosen another trade..)
It's now the second week of the 3month-period. And the teacher line up?
Couldn't be better!
Especially Tuesdays. Tuesdays are from now on the best day of the week.
On Tuesdays we have Hihara-sensei.

I had her the very first three months after starting school, and now, half a year later, she's back!
The first thing she says is "Wooh Ylva-chaaaan!!" with that typical grin of hers. She is short and slender but her voice is dark and strong, and I think everyone can see she doesn't take shit from anyone. She wears no make up and is the only teacher I've had who use slang in class. And also the only one who makes fun of all the students. I bet she was a yankii when she was young, haha. (But I'm serious)

I guess it's because she's was my teacher when I was a beginner, that she always gives me comments in class. (Also like "...right, Ylva-chan?!" after an explanation, or put my name in examples and so on) I am and has always been a calm and quiet student, teachers like me but doesn't give me that much attention; except for Hihara-sensei.
Having her now is so much more fun since it's in intermediate class, and we can have an actual conversation instead of a few words in baby-japanese. And when I leave the classroom and she says "So, Ylva-chan, I'll see you next time, isn't gonna be a blast??" with that grin again, how can I not love her!

Oh tuesdays....

Peace out.

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Bella さんのコメント...

jag hade en lärare som var så när jag var yngre:D

IamNOTprogram さんのコメント...

lol önskar jag hade en sån lärare Y__T Idag började jag hata min klass när en av killarna erkände att han var gay och alla skrattade, flyttade ifrån honom och alla mobbade honom resten av dagen... seriöst...