To JackRose and back

Uninteresting outfit!
Because all I could think about this morning was OMFG IT'S HOT and then my brain stopped working. Because of 36c. On those days, this is how things turn out.

Shirt: JackRose, pants: Sixh., shoes: Gadget Grow, bag: Diavlo, necklace: Vivienne Westwood.

Oh, and
I sure didn't have it planned all week to go to JackRose today. And when school ended I certainly didn't get all nervous about it and even thought about not going at all. Nor did I know exactly what I was after, just as I didn't pretend the opposite.

maybe I did.
Just a little.

Kudou and I had a long chat again, ahahaa he's so funny with his hey-I'm-2-cool-4-school-way... And I reserved my birthdaygift from myself! I'm going back on Monday (i.e. my birthday heeehehe) to buy it. Won't say what it is though, because then I'll ruin the surprise for me.

And then when I left the store, I sure wasn't so happy I could dance.
Nooo no. No way.
I'm never like that after I've been to JackRose.

Or, uh, maybe just a little.

Oooooh can't wait for Monday!

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