Yay but yuck

Bought a manga magazine and became satisfied that I could read and understand evvvvverything! Well, pretty much anyway.
Felt nice, hurr hurr.

Then I got fed up with a billion pages of crying girls who need to be protected by guys but oh we can't be together because maybe someone eventually might get hurt *cry cry cry* UGH GIMME A BREAK ALREADY so I went on the lovely Interwebz and read read some Crows instead.
Mmmyes, hit that ugly bastard, hit him good!!

I need Crows and Worst in tankubon.

...buuut then I needed a break from all the testosterone.
What to do next?
Maybe I have too much free time...

Aaaaand in other news,
this weekend I'll do a make up tutorial! (No time in teh mornings)

Peace out!

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さらまり さんのコメント...

I feel the same way about shojo. It's so ridiculous and unrealistic.