You're going down

Did some minor shopping at Big Box today. Hopefully I'll be able to say goodbye to dry, damaged hair. I'm not giving up on you yet, oh no!

Also, it's funny when you meet someone and instantly feel that you just simply don't... like this person. Not dislike or hate, just... no thanks. That you don't get along with someone and that's just how it is. Well on another note, it isn't that fun really, and I think I prefer meeting people I like. But you never know unless you've tried!
Luckily, above statement doesn't occur very often.



It seems like the more stuff I do, the less I come up with stuff to blog about. Not that I did anything important this weekend, but, the week was a bit crazy.
Feel free to throw some ideas if there's something you'd want me to highlight. Or, let me... try to find that blog inspiration source, wherever it is. That could work to, yes, I suppose it can.

Or have a picture of Kishidan who's concert tickets sold out for BOTH DAYS before I even had a chance to get my hands on one. FFFFUUUUU--


Three views of Takadanobaba


A library with chains as facade

A door



Went to a twoman live yesterday at Ikebukuro CYBER.
It was a free live!
Gotta love that.

The first band was kinda nice, they were some kind of gothic visual band who sounded like old school D'espairsRay from time to time. Thumbs up for that, but over all they didn't leave a big impression on me and their ending was way too long. Don't remember their name either, it was something like a movie, but I don't know haha.

Band nr 2 was Origami, and they on the other hand were awesome!
After seeing them on the flyer I thought they'd sound a bit like M or Kyokutou Girl Friend or something like that, but it was very different; much, much harder and aggressive and screeeaaaam. For the better! Their part of the show passed way to quickly. Instant win, I've got a new favorite band! Gonna have to look up when their next live is...

One thing that surprised me yesterday was the audience:
so many guys!
Usually, there's only girls in the audience (maybe one or two guys). And the whole thing about the only girls-audience worshipping the only guys-bands do make me a bit tired of the VK-scene, sigh. But yesterday was a nice exception, maybe a third of the people there was guys!
Oh you beast!

Now I'm gonna go out in the heat again.
To the post office!


Autumn items

Autumn is by far my favorite season when it comes to fashion. Finally, I can actually wear clothes instead of trying to wear only a minimum.
(I could also say that the colors becomes more dark and cozy, but that doesn't apply to me at all since my whole closet is only black all year round. Black, black, black, with touches of silver, mmm.)

I went to JackRose again today after school, and the autumn items are starting to come in little by little, yum. I managed to keep my money in my wallet today but damn it was close this time. Added a few things to my wishlist I did, yes.

For example, a leather jacket that's coming in next week. Yes, I already have that one I bought last year, but that doesn't exclude another one, now does it? (No, it doesn't.) (Or does it?) Well. We'll have to see about that.

Also, tenchou-san is one funny guy. Hehe.
Also, I spended too much time in there today. Hope they don't mind.



The lobby in the new school. Fancy huh? Well, much fancier than the old building in Shin-Okubo.

"Refreshments room" with vending machines and more space to hang out in the breaks. But.. there's only three toilets! In the entire school! There's always a long queue... so I never go to the toilet in school orz.

Today after school me and Malin ate lunch at Hanamaru and then sang karaoke at KaraokeKan, and then went to Taito and wasted some 100yen coins at shooting games and purikura. By that time Jaz had finished school too, so her and I went to the 100yen store and then Taito again. After that I went home, surfed the interwebz, ate dinner and watched a movie. And now, I still have some time to kill before it's sleepy time.
...The days get so much longer with morning classes!


Oh you bastard

How about going to school on the 50th floor?☆

Going going

Or rather rushing, to an open campus I'd forgotten all about.


Current life

Went to Current with Jaz for the first time in about three lifetimes!

I'll slam in a picture of Mame too since it was even more long ago I spoke to him and that was nice. Also, Sushi bought me several beers and shots as usual, and Boshu played Kishidan for me. Awesommme!
However, can't really put my finger on it, but I didn't quite enjoyed it like I used to back in the days (wow that makes me sound old!). Don't get me wrong, it was fun times, but yah. Maybe my mind were somewhere else.

On the other hand I think I know exactly where my mind was. And here's the underground passage down at Ooedo line to brighten up the mood!

Speaking of friends

Got new ones yesterday when I went to an izakaya with Jaz and some Koreans from her class!



A comment on an old entry made me remember this photo of my apartment when I'd juuuuust moved in.

So I snapped a new picture of it today!

Hello, my 16sqm apartment with basically no storage space, that turns into a sauna in the summer and an icecube in the winter.
But I've become very fond of you☆


Busy Thursday! ♥

Rushing to Shibuya after school to meet Robin and Janna who, conveeeeniently enough, came to Japan while I went to Sweden. They're going back this Saturday but I'm so happy I got to meet Robin again!

We then walked to Harajuku for some shopping and karaoke. (Even the most expensive places are very cheap if you go in before 19:00, tips from the coach) Some afternoon karaoke is never wrong woho!

Later on we met up with my friends from school and watched hanabi! (Fireworks) It was impressive and very beautiful! (But no pictures cuz I guess you all already know what fireworks looks like haha)
And I love seeing young Japanese couples where both the guy and girl are dressed up in yukata. It's so pretty!♥ I wish I looked good in yukata too!

Dead tired, so I'm gonna call it a day now.
Smell ya laterz!

I fail

I want to save money.
I'm not gonna do any shopping in what's left of August.
...is what I thought.
But, not very surprisingly, I've failed! And it took me one week to do that, woho, go me...
Showed Laforet to Robin, and peeked in to ATELIER-PIERROT. Spotted this necklace. I'm so weak for keys!

Besides, it was so cheap!
Since necklaces I usually buy costs around four times as much as this one, it felt as good as free haha. (...that's not a good thing.)

While I'm on the subject on Showing Stuff, look here what I got from a Korean friend after he'd been back to Korea this summer holiday!

A bookmark/envelope opener mihi!
I gave him Swedish candy.
Oooh giving and recieving stuff are so much fun!


Be still my beating heart

Had a long (as in loooong) talk with Eiji about everything and nothing. Been such a long time since we talked, it might even have been the first time since I became somewhat fluent. I think we both enjoyed it; "Ah sorry, I'm just talking to you all the time!" he excused himself, but I told him I definately didn't mind and so we continued.

Heard someone calling my name from downstairs. "Let's go buy juice!!" Atsushi bought me Calpis, and then we and Kudou sat outside for a while, also bringing up the subject on when we should go drinking!

I then went home (during some protests) because even if they all assured me the opposite I couldn't help but feeling a bit in the way after being there for about 2,5 hours.... ehaha...
Also, if I've stayed longer I'd probably end up buying something, and this month I want to save money. Damn you, JackRose, stealing my heart and soul. And why are your staffs so awesome people!


By the way

While in Sweden, I entertained myself by growing back full eyebrows. (No one has seemed to notice though, so apparently it's only me who thinks it's a big deal, hmpf.)

It's been a looong time though, so I'm not sure if it's a No go or a Yes go.
Yes plz or No wai.
I'd hit that or Call the fashion police.

Hrm, anyway.

Going back to school was The Best.
The new location and new building is made of win and awesome!
It feels more westernized in a way, and I like it. Over all, it's fresher, more airy and it feels easier to study and to hang out with the other classes in the breaks! Maybe I'll snap a picture or two in the near future.

Concealer illuminated

I bought a new concealer the other day.
It's.... awesome!
I put it on, and six sweaty (as in "omg it's over 35c and I die"-sweaty) hours later, it still looks the same.
So in the lack of five, I give two thumbs up.
IsaDora light touch concealer - tips from the coach!


But now I need to SLEEP (again)

Hours of sleep friday night: 13
Hours of sleep saturday night: 0

...to which we all can conclude that my brain is not working so fast at the moment. Still, I've been out until just now!
Spended the day at Starbucks, Crispy Creme Doughnuts and walking around south Shinjuku with this guy from Osaka. And I'm yet again fashinated how people from Tokyo and people from Osaka are so completely different! They feel more open, more easygoing, and laughs much more. Now, it's just their dialect that makes my head spin some extra turns (Do they have to change whole words??) but I guess it just adds to the charm haha.

I know he's reading my blog, but since he can't read or speak English for shiet, he probably won't know I'm dedicating this entry to him. And his white shirt with big, red lobsters on.


(If he doesn't use a translator. In that case; Hello!)



And so I'm back in Tokyo again!
These two weeks went fast, when I think about it.
It was really nice to have a break in Sweden, but now I miss my family more than ever, especially my dad.
It feels awesome to be back again.
I really really feel comfortable here. I just stepped on the Yamanote line on the way from the airport, and immediatly felt like home.

I've also actually missed my apartment!
It's tiny and old and kinda in a not very good shape, but I've grown to like it. And it was a good thing I cleaned it thoroughly before I left, haha. No sign of cockroaches or any other unwanted guests! When I opened the door, it just smelled like.... Japan. Mm.
(i.e. no fresh air, orz)

I have a feeling I'll very soon start to miss certain things though.
Like not having to sweat all the time, or yummy food (pyttipanna!) and candy, or that people know how to be spontaneous. But nevermind.
Home sweet home!



I've really gotten myself into a holiday mood of no blogging at all, huh.
I'm relaxing and reloading my energy, on Thursday I'm going back.
Leaving my home to go back home....
It's complicated.

But today I've been productive, met Alex and went shopping. A pair of shoes, harem pants (for half the sale price!), some (cheap but not cheap-looking) accessories, some makeup, and other necessary stuff.

I'm not impressed by the Swedish range of shoes, but with my giant size 40 I have hardships finding comfortable heels in Japan, so I've basically searched through the whole town and managed to find some that somehow managed to live up to my standards.

Skopunkten, Eurosko, DinSko

Well, the only shoes I really liked was these three pairs, so. I bought them. (Not on the same time, mind you. It's time consuming finding nice shoes here.)

Sooo that's that.
I'm gonna update more, but now I'm going to spend quality time with my dad. Mom already left for some course somewhere, and my other friend Tove has left for a job interview in Uppsala. And then except for Alex, who's going to Rättvik tonight, there's no more people left that I cherish in this town.
Hm... that feels kinda sad when I think about it.

(Note: in this town.)


The cake may, in fact, be a lie

Portal is one of my absolute favorite games.
(If not my no. 1 favorite, now that I think about it.)
Which is why I just. Can't. Wait for this!

Ooooooh you bastard.
Be still my beating heart!!



There hasn't been any updates lately, has it?
I'm chillin' & killin' in Sweden at the moment.
20+ degrees feels like winter after Tokyo's 36+ with 500% humidity!

Spent the weekend in Stockholm. My sister and I went and watched Inception (which was a very pointless movie) and just hanged around.
Now I'm in my hometown Borlänge.
Ooooh how glad I am that I got the hell outta here as soon as I could. As much as I'm happy to see family and a few friends again, my feelings are damped by the city's atmosphere. I'm suddenly in a bad mood, I feel some unidentified frustrations bobbling around, and I feel completely uninspired to do anything at all. Just like before I moved out.

Hate is a strong word, but I sure don't like this place uggh.

Well, at least it's only a bit over a week left. And tomorrow I'm gonna see the dentist yay!