Autumn items

Autumn is by far my favorite season when it comes to fashion. Finally, I can actually wear clothes instead of trying to wear only a minimum.
(I could also say that the colors becomes more dark and cozy, but that doesn't apply to me at all since my whole closet is only black all year round. Black, black, black, with touches of silver, mmm.)

I went to JackRose again today after school, and the autumn items are starting to come in little by little, yum. I managed to keep my money in my wallet today but damn it was close this time. Added a few things to my wishlist I did, yes.

For example, a leather jacket that's coming in next week. Yes, I already have that one I bought last year, but that doesn't exclude another one, now does it? (No, it doesn't.) (Or does it?) Well. We'll have to see about that.

Also, tenchou-san is one funny guy. Hehe.
Also, I spended too much time in there today. Hope they don't mind.

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