Busy Thursday! ♥

Rushing to Shibuya after school to meet Robin and Janna who, conveeeeniently enough, came to Japan while I went to Sweden. They're going back this Saturday but I'm so happy I got to meet Robin again!

We then walked to Harajuku for some shopping and karaoke. (Even the most expensive places are very cheap if you go in before 19:00, tips from the coach) Some afternoon karaoke is never wrong woho!

Later on we met up with my friends from school and watched hanabi! (Fireworks) It was impressive and very beautiful! (But no pictures cuz I guess you all already know what fireworks looks like haha)
And I love seeing young Japanese couples where both the guy and girl are dressed up in yukata. It's so pretty!♥ I wish I looked good in yukata too!

Dead tired, so I'm gonna call it a day now.
Smell ya laterz!

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匿名 さんのコメント...

Hey I just thought that how easily you have found friends there? Do you have friends with whom you can go anytime shopping..? what kind of Japaneses are in making new friends ? :D what about yourself, are you open for new friendships? thanks!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

I'm actually very shy, so when I think about it I feel very happy for having so many wonderful friends here♥ that I can hang out with anytime! (Although the japanese are less good at being spontaneous haha) Basically all japanese I've met are very keen on becoming friends, often because they're curious about foreigners, but many are more sincere than that.
As for me, I always love getting new friends! If I wasn't open for new friendships, maybe moving to the other side of the earth would be a bad idea......