But now I need to SLEEP (again)

Hours of sleep friday night: 13
Hours of sleep saturday night: 0

...to which we all can conclude that my brain is not working so fast at the moment. Still, I've been out until just now!
Spended the day at Starbucks, Crispy Creme Doughnuts and walking around south Shinjuku with this guy from Osaka. And I'm yet again fashinated how people from Tokyo and people from Osaka are so completely different! They feel more open, more easygoing, and laughs much more. Now, it's just their dialect that makes my head spin some extra turns (Do they have to change whole words??) but I guess it just adds to the charm haha.

I know he's reading my blog, but since he can't read or speak English for shiet, he probably won't know I'm dedicating this entry to him. And his white shirt with big, red lobsters on.


(If he doesn't use a translator. In that case; Hello!)

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IamNOTprogram さんのコメント...

Hahaha :D Han verkar coooel! :) Vill du ses vid tåget i morrn eller ngt och gå till skolan tillsammans? Jag hittar fan inte alls insåg jag nu O_O Jag kommer inte ihåg vart man svängde eller ngt. :S shiet.

Btw; INGA KACKERLACKOR! <3 MEN! Jag HATAR cikadoooor! T___T En attackerade Martin, seriöst!!!!!!!!!

匿名 さんのコメント...

hilarious :'DDD

rusty さんのコメント...

Hihi, I love Oosakaben. It makes me happy.