Be still my beating heart

Had a long (as in loooong) talk with Eiji about everything and nothing. Been such a long time since we talked, it might even have been the first time since I became somewhat fluent. I think we both enjoyed it; "Ah sorry, I'm just talking to you all the time!" he excused himself, but I told him I definately didn't mind and so we continued.

Heard someone calling my name from downstairs. "Let's go buy juice!!" Atsushi bought me Calpis, and then we and Kudou sat outside for a while, also bringing up the subject on when we should go drinking!

I then went home (during some protests) because even if they all assured me the opposite I couldn't help but feeling a bit in the way after being there for about 2,5 hours.... ehaha...
Also, if I've stayed longer I'd probably end up buying something, and this month I want to save money. Damn you, JackRose, stealing my heart and soul. And why are your staffs so awesome people!

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