I fail

I want to save money.
I'm not gonna do any shopping in what's left of August.
...is what I thought.
But, not very surprisingly, I've failed! And it took me one week to do that, woho, go me...
Showed Laforet to Robin, and peeked in to ATELIER-PIERROT. Spotted this necklace. I'm so weak for keys!

Besides, it was so cheap!
Since necklaces I usually buy costs around four times as much as this one, it felt as good as free haha. (...that's not a good thing.)

While I'm on the subject on Showing Stuff, look here what I got from a Korean friend after he'd been back to Korea this summer holiday!

A bookmark/envelope opener mihi!
I gave him Swedish candy.
Oooh giving and recieving stuff are so much fun!

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