The lobby in the new school. Fancy huh? Well, much fancier than the old building in Shin-Okubo.

"Refreshments room" with vending machines and more space to hang out in the breaks. But.. there's only three toilets! In the entire school! There's always a long queue... so I never go to the toilet in school orz.

Today after school me and Malin ate lunch at Hanamaru and then sang karaoke at KaraokeKan, and then went to Taito and wasted some 100yen coins at shooting games and purikura. By that time Jaz had finished school too, so her and I went to the 100yen store and then Taito again. After that I went home, surfed the interwebz, ate dinner and watched a movie. And now, I still have some time to kill before it's sleepy time.
...The days get so much longer with morning classes!

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