I've really gotten myself into a holiday mood of no blogging at all, huh.
I'm relaxing and reloading my energy, on Thursday I'm going back.
Leaving my home to go back home....
It's complicated.

But today I've been productive, met Alex and went shopping. A pair of shoes, harem pants (for half the sale price!), some (cheap but not cheap-looking) accessories, some makeup, and other necessary stuff.

I'm not impressed by the Swedish range of shoes, but with my giant size 40 I have hardships finding comfortable heels in Japan, so I've basically searched through the whole town and managed to find some that somehow managed to live up to my standards.

Skopunkten, Eurosko, DinSko

Well, the only shoes I really liked was these three pairs, so. I bought them. (Not on the same time, mind you. It's time consuming finding nice shoes here.)

Sooo that's that.
I'm gonna update more, but now I'm going to spend quality time with my dad. Mom already left for some course somewhere, and my other friend Tove has left for a job interview in Uppsala. And then except for Alex, who's going to Rättvik tonight, there's no more people left that I cherish in this town.
Hm... that feels kinda sad when I think about it.

(Note: in this town.)

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Miriam さんのコメント...

I love the shoes from DinSko! I'm ttly gonna look for them next time I go shopping.

I hope you have a good time, the time you have left in Sweden~

さらまり さんのコメント...

I am a size 41, so I know how you feel. (well in America it's easy to find shoes up to 43 actually)

I love all the shoes you chose, super cute and cool. Black shoes are the best always and the middle pair are especially awesome!

匿名 さんのコメント...

I love your style but I can't imagine you with high-heels. I would like to see some photos of you wearing those shoes with clothes you would prefer with them :D okay? Thanks!

Bella さんのコメント...

I have a pretty regular size so I rarely find trouble finding shoes that fit but what I really hate is the quallity of the shoes tho I've only had one pair of shoes from dinsko that isn't made of paper

the shoes you found look awesome tho I feel the autum fashions haven't really come in stores just yet and thats when I personally sweden shines a bit.