There hasn't been any updates lately, has it?
I'm chillin' & killin' in Sweden at the moment.
20+ degrees feels like winter after Tokyo's 36+ with 500% humidity!

Spent the weekend in Stockholm. My sister and I went and watched Inception (which was a very pointless movie) and just hanged around.
Now I'm in my hometown Borlänge.
Ooooh how glad I am that I got the hell outta here as soon as I could. As much as I'm happy to see family and a few friends again, my feelings are damped by the city's atmosphere. I'm suddenly in a bad mood, I feel some unidentified frustrations bobbling around, and I feel completely uninspired to do anything at all. Just like before I moved out.

Hate is a strong word, but I sure don't like this place uggh.

Well, at least it's only a bit over a week left. And tomorrow I'm gonna see the dentist yay!

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Manda さんのコメント...

men!! hurru! jag vill också hinna leka me dej innan du drar tebaka :<< <3

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

är det möjligt att du kan åka till borlänge då? jag vet inte om jag kommer va nå mer i stockholm (för det är väl där du är :o ), kan höra efter.