I've managed pretty good to keep this blog not too personal, to which I haven't written anything about whenever I've found myself some guy.
Now that I've got myself a boyfriend, I don't think I'm gonna be able to shut up about it. So here, have a picture!

And sorry for the lack of posts, I've been.... kinda busy. Heh.



It feels soooo nice with autumn holiday.
No school, no studies! Just relaxing, and spending time with people I like.

Oh hey, here's today's outfit with me in heels! These heels are amazing, they're so comfortable I feel like wearing them forever. (Kinda.)
I like this outfit, although it's kinda simple! Combining my no.1 cheapest item (pants from Indiska) with my no.1 most expensive (jacket from Brooks Brothers). Yehay!

Hanged around in Shinjuku with Malin and Emelie, having tea, dinner at izakaya, and some purikura. They've both colored their hair and it's lookin goood!

It was really, really nice to just... hang out, with no motive. It feels like it's been a long time since I've done that. (Was it really? Dunno.) I feel so stupidly happy all the time! Maybe, it just feels so nice having holiday. Or, having so nice friends.
....or, having a special someone, who's coming over any minute.

A new meaning

Shinagawa aquarium, small but awesome.
Boat ride on Sumida river in the sunset.
Visit to Sensoji temple in Asakusa.
A kiss and a Will you respond my feelings?

You know, last years summer I worked at an elderly care. My coworkers were shit but the clients were nice! When telling I was going to move to Japan, one of the old ladies said Huh, you're gonna find yourself a guy over there and then you're never coming back!
Turns out she was right about one thing

......ok, tried to write this in a calm tone but damn my insides are having a crazy party in there, I tried to knock but they just won't calm down lakdjglskdgjlskf----


Mmmmmm leather ♥

So I search around a few a lot of shops, in search for leather gloves, since I've magically lost my only pair (along with three scarfs and a scissor) somewhere in my 16sqm apartment.
I search... but find nothing.
I live in the worlds biggest city, but I can't find myself a pair of leather gloves!
I fall into despair... But then, suddenly, a friend suggest that I should go online on the so called world wide web and have a look. I do as told, and a few clicks and a week later I have leather gloves on my hands!
Oh, the interwebz... what would I do without you.☆

I actually wore my super awesome wine red lamb leather jacket made of win today, but it was still a bit too hot for it, so when taking a stroll to Nakano later on, I took my black (fake leather) one instead, the one I bought from JackRose last year!
Ah, my red jacket will probably be awesome when it's winter and I'm most likely freezing my butt off ♥

AH IT'S SO NICE THAT IT'S COOLER OUTSIDE SO I'M ABLE TO ACTUALLY WEAR CLOTHES, you know, because I just love me some leather.
The thunderstorm yesterday wasn't quite as cool though. My whole house was shaking!

In completely other news, today was the last day of this term, so from now on a nice and long autumn holiday. A week, people, a whole week! Well deserved, after 1,5 weeks of huge tests every day. (I scored 99/100 on the last grammar test woho!)
What also is significant about this day, is that it means I've now been studying One Year at ISI! Yeah!
I even dare to say that during this year I've become pretty much fluent in Japanese. (Don't get me wrong though; has still so, so, so much to learn... so much, it's not even funny bleh.) But that's pretty nice! Yes!

And wow, my plan was to just post that picture and write something like Hey lookie my new gloves yo! but it seems like I've talked the shiet out of this entry instead.
I guess I'm just in a pretty awesome mood... AHURR HURRR


I know you want to know this

Today I actually almost fell asleep while eating my dinner.
It was radical!

Then I drew a lion.


Chocolate rain

Lately I just can't get it out of my headdddd

Cocoon tower

Sooo maybe I'll just spill the beans about my future dream.

Is the education I wanna take!
In this super awesome fashion school, in the cocoon tower in central Shinjuku (30sek from the station). If you've been in Tokyo, I don't think you've missed this building.
I'm not very interested in fashion design or something like that, but stylist is a profession I think would fit me like a glove!

Me and Alex went there today for some counseling, meeting with Tojo-san again. (He's so cool!) He showed us around the whole school (it's in all of the 50 floors), and it's my third time I've been to the school but damn, it's so fine! The atmosphere inside just screams of creativity and passion and fashion (omg rhyme) so yes. That's where I want to go.
I just don't know exactly when. Think I'll continue with my current flow, study at ISI for one more year and do nothing in particular for a while longer. But oooooh. Yes.




Saturday night was a misunderstanding, but yesterday I got a sudden phone call from tenchou-san, so the so far ordinary Sunday got a lot more interesting when I went down to Harajuku for drinks with everyone! We've been talking about this for so long, and now finally made it happen!

First izakaya

Second izakaya

Third izakaya

In the end only me and Machida was left alive, haha.
And he told me a lot of things about everyone in the staff. Wow, I did think they're all awesome, but I didn't know they're that awesome!
Too bad I didn't snap a picture of tenchou-san though, he is seriously the funniest man I have ever met. Everrr!

So yes. A lot of things happened but mmmhm yes, ehumhum.
See ya!


Change of plans

Oh man.....

And tomorrow I'm gonna have to make two very hard phone calls.


And guess my astrological sign

Rewatched The Lion King today.
Did you know it's good to watch a sad movie and cry a lot about once a week? It's good for the brain to let out frustrations and all that stuff. Or so Abo-sensei told us the other day.
Anyway. I always cry watching The Lion King. BE STRONG, SIMBA!

Lion is my favorite animal, by the way.

Oooh I just wanna hug him~!
(But really shouldn't/can't. FML)

In other news I'm starting to lose hope for the job... Haven't got an answer yet. I might call them tomorrow and see how things turn out. (Maybe I am supposed to call them and they're waiting? I'm getting paranoid.)

Buuuuuut enough of that.
Got plans for tonight and it starts with D and ends with rinking with the JackRose staff.



School trip to Tama zoo

The lion bus was awesome.



Jaz made bentos for tomorrow's school trip〜♪


Cake and future

Falling asleep during kanji lesson, then having a sakubun (essay) test. Tomorrow is listening test, and next week is grammar, reading and speach. But after that a nice holiday!

And then went to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro and ate lunch.
Have a picture of the epic tart I just couldn't resist!

And then going to a vocational school consultation forum. (Hm... okay, try translate 専門学校進学相談会 into better English) The school I want to go to was also there of course. Third (?) time I've met and talked to Tojo-san, we've become pretty familiar with each other by now haha.
(He's awesome, by the way.)

And then me and Alex did some minor shopping, and then and then and then I went home and now I feel a bit dead but is doing my best to not fall asleep while writing this.

Today's weather was so nice, only about 27 degrees!
Finally autumn is here~!

Now I've got these huge doubts about the school. About WHEN to enter... Should I go with my current flow, study one more year (ugh) at ISI and enter in October next year? Should I do something rash and just go ahead and enter in April next year? Should I wait a few hundred ages and try to enter in April 2012? Should I even take this education at all?!?!?

For now I think I'll just go to bed.


1 year later

What Tokyo did to me.


Writing a resume for Shibata-san.
Although it doesn't feel that nerve-wracking writing it since we've already met and had an interview, I think you can imagine the one thing that goes on in my head...
AH let me just get that call!! So I can
1. Dance around in joy
2. Crumble on the floor in agony.


The interview

Went to the headquarters at Kita-sando in Harajuku and had the interview. It went better than expected but I honestly have no idea at all wether I get the job or not....!

Of course everything was in Japanese which was no problem for me, and they seemed very impressed by that. (One point for me!) I also said things like yes I can and will work basically anytime, to which they seemed very happy. (Another point for me) When they said it's important with the superpolite service to the customers, I assured them that I don't like the western way and Oh how the Japanese service is great!!!, and they seemed soooo relieved to hear that. (Fifteen points to me!) They also told me I looked like I'd fit in a clothing store, aaand that I was like a Japanese. (That's a few more points right?)
They'll call me back in the end of this week, so.
Fingers and toes are crossed.
Jeezuhs, I really want this job.

Sooo after the interview (and a few dozen more polite phrases) I went to check out the store in question. It was actually the first time I entered Omotesando Hills ("It's too expensive anyways" I've always thought) but when I so walked by D&G and YSL I thought daaamn this place is fine. Yes. Here I want to work I thought!
There was also a store with Scandinavian design, so that's kinda hilarious.

The store is called Oriental News and opened just last weeks friday, so it's very new. The style is very feminine but also mature, and I could actually imagine myself wearing about half of the items in there, so that was a relief. The first time I heard about this brand was two days ago, so that's also kinda hilarious. (It felt a bit like Indiska, but 100 times more exclusive and expensive)

AH GEEZ now I went ahead and wrote all this so now I'm gonna be devastated if I don't get the job. Sadface.

Afterwards I went to JackRose to calm my nerves. (It worked) Omotesando Hills and JackRose are located about 150m from each other so that, as well, is awesome too. ♥
Hanged around with the guys until it got dark, went home, and here I am crossing everything that can be crossed hoping I'll get this job.
Daaaaaamn I want this job ugghhhhhrllll

Oh and thanks for the comments, by the way.
Cheered me up!

Just for me

See it?
Can you see it?

Isn't it awesome!

Got it from Alex today! Apparently there was pearls over so she did two bracelets as well hihi. I'm so incredibly happy for this. A handmade necklace filled with love! Only one of its kind in the entire world!
Made just for.... me!

Thank you, Alex ♥



Sooo CSN decided that there shall be less study allowance for students in Japan, although the yen has become so expensive it's starting to be ridiculous. (Why, CSN, WHY?!)
Which puts me in a not so cool situation.
1. the fee for the school I want to go to is HIIIIIIGGHHHHH
2. ....and I love shopping.

I need a job.

Searched around the interwebz but didn't find much, until! A newopened fashion brand store looking for staff. Foreigners OK! Ohlala, I thought. And it's located in goddamn Omotesando Hills!! It is the shiet, y'know. Other brands in Omotesando Hills that people might've heard of is Yves Saint Laurent, Helmut Lang, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, and so on. And working in a store would be fun. So, ohlala I thought, and applied.

And today I got a phone call.
So tomorrow I'm going on an interview.


What possibly might be a problem is
that this brand and my personal clothing style is... not very alike.
We'll see if they mind tomorrow.




Mmmm yes.
JackRose real leather.

Took a fancy to the one in wine color, instead of the black I first tried.
(Sorry for the crappy mobile pics, my camera is still dead... the color is warmer irl) And y'know, it feels superb to add this color to my all black wardrobe!

It fits sooo good and feels sooo good and just yummy!
Now I only need it to drop 15 degress or so, so I can use it.

Oh and I had collected enough points on my members card to get a discount!
So I added this necklace I've been wanting for a few ages.
It's glittering SO INTENSE

Also got another pair of briefs hah.
But they're very comfortable!


The force is strong with this one

Me and Alex went down to Harajuku today.
The main goal was to buy pearls and such. You see, I'm paying for the material, and then she's gonna make me a special designed necklace! Just for me! She's so talented, and I'm so looking forward to the result!

Also picked up an issue of Tokyo Graffiti, where I'm featured in the street snap! And actually, they snapped my picture on my birthday, so that was pretty awesome. On my way to JackRose. Heh.
Told me to write my thoughts about DEATH (dun dun dunnn) so I just scribbled down something. I also like how I managed to look so extremely gullible orz.
Kinda fun magazine, by the way.

And while strutting around Laforet, I couldn't resist this ring.

It was.... calling out to me!

Now I'm gonna take a rest, feels like I've cought a cold
(BUT WHY! When it's finally around/under 30 degrees and you can actually DO stuff outside, I'm gonna go ahead and become sick?! Not ok I say, not ok!)

In another entry I'll show what I bought at JackRose today.
Hurr hurrr....



I think my camera died




Windy wednesday

Went to Roppongi and the Swedish embassy to vote for the election in Sweden! Just because I'm not there right now doesn't mean I'm not gonna use my right to say what I think. So there we got it.

I don't like Roppongi very much, but since it's been such a long time since we've been there, so me and Alex decided not to go home at once. So from the embassy we fought our way back to Roppongi crossing.
Yes, fought.
Today's weather is crrrrrazy; a typhoon is lurking around nearby.

Stumbled upon a place that had Carlsberg!
Oh you beeeeaaast. I'd almost forgotten what a really good beer taste like. At most places they only have Heineken, which I don't like, so I usually never drink beer.

And then
Walked around in Roppongi Hills and had dinner at a very fancy place, but wasn't that expensive. There was only fresh business people there, and... us, with frizzy destroyed hair and sneakers.



Some bands are completely brilliant from every angle you look at it. And just continues to be like that, year after year after year...

By the waaaay

Someone asked what level regarding JLPT (japanese language profiency test) I'm at, and I answered that I thought I'm a 3 or 4, but actually I'm a level 2!
Go me!

I also wish it wasn't so hot outside so I become more motivated to do stuff outside and not just escape inside somewhere.

That is all.


The Thunderdome

Luckily for me, my friends Jaz, Max and Gaby is sharing an apartment, aka the Thunderdome, about 3min from my own. Yesterday Heather and Masahiro also came by and we had a nice little homeparty. Homeparties aren't all that usual in this country, but the Thunderdome is a different story haha.

Today I'm lazy, and just sits around reading manga. I almost doesn't read any manga at all these days, but I can't get enough of Hiroshi Takahashi's, mmm.

By the way, between my place and the Thunderdome, there's also a newly opened maid bar! Need to go there yes.


Nao plz

I want to take this education so much I don't even dare to write what it is in case I won't be able to and my newfound dream will shatter to pieces.



Ooooh I'm not kidding you when I say I want to go to this izakaya every day.
Hadn't been there since my birthday (oh what a place to celebrate your birthday!) but yesterday I finally went there again! I also approve of that everyone I bring there instantly fall in love with the place. Just like I fell in love when Malin & co brought me there the first time!

Me, Alex, Moon, Been

Happy Korean boys!

Chocolate icecream and booze make Alex a happy girl

When we said we were leaving, the guy who plays saxophone came and, along with three other of the staff, lined up at our table and he played a song just for us. That was so random and I have no idea why but it was awesome! (He played..... the theme from Titanic hahaha orz.)

Oh man oh man.
I ♥ life

[Insert witty title here]

Me and some friends from school went to Harajuku yesterday. It was an impulse thing, but I couldn't resist going to... mm, JackRose hurr hurr.
Now, I'm pretty sure you don't wanna hear my babbling about everyone there and if I start there's not gonna be an end to it, so. Well. Ah. Some suspicious situations occured as well though, tenchou-san WHAT ARE YOU UP TO
I love how they've stopped treating me as an ordinary customer and has become my friends! They even forgot I might wanted to buy something and just hanged out with me, making two hours pass like two minutes.

And the new the new catalogue has arrived! As always, full of SEE IT NEED IT MUST HAVE IT-items. Alsooo, if you spend over 21'000yen you get an extra gift! However they gave it to me for free anyway. Whatever I'm gonna do with a pair of JackRose briefs. Maybe I should just wear them too haha!

Then, when I came home after the izakaya, a huge envelope waited for me in the mailbox. From JackRose! Wooooho! They'd sent the catalogue per mail as well haha.

Aaaaaaand in completely different news:
It's for extending my visa, but it still felt kinda weird buying a stamp for... 4000yen.


Lunch time

Saizeria is the new Jonathan's