Cake and future

Falling asleep during kanji lesson, then having a sakubun (essay) test. Tomorrow is listening test, and next week is grammar, reading and speach. But after that a nice holiday!

And then went to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro and ate lunch.
Have a picture of the epic tart I just couldn't resist!

And then going to a vocational school consultation forum. (Hm... okay, try translate 専門学校進学相談会 into better English) The school I want to go to was also there of course. Third (?) time I've met and talked to Tojo-san, we've become pretty familiar with each other by now haha.
(He's awesome, by the way.)

And then me and Alex did some minor shopping, and then and then and then I went home and now I feel a bit dead but is doing my best to not fall asleep while writing this.

Today's weather was so nice, only about 27 degrees!
Finally autumn is here~!

Now I've got these huge doubts about the school. About WHEN to enter... Should I go with my current flow, study one more year (ugh) at ISI and enter in October next year? Should I do something rash and just go ahead and enter in April next year? Should I wait a few hundred ages and try to enter in April 2012? Should I even take this education at all?!?!?

For now I think I'll just go to bed.

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さらまり さんのコメント...

wow that tart is really epic, it even has a macaron on it haha! I wish I could eat that^^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

it sure is! I need to go there again and try some other of the epic tarts..!