Cocoon tower

Sooo maybe I'll just spill the beans about my future dream.

Is the education I wanna take!
In this super awesome fashion school, in the cocoon tower in central Shinjuku (30sek from the station). If you've been in Tokyo, I don't think you've missed this building.
I'm not very interested in fashion design or something like that, but stylist is a profession I think would fit me like a glove!

Me and Alex went there today for some counseling, meeting with Tojo-san again. (He's so cool!) He showed us around the whole school (it's in all of the 50 floors), and it's my third time I've been to the school but damn, it's so fine! The atmosphere inside just screams of creativity and passion and fashion (omg rhyme) so yes. That's where I want to go.
I just don't know exactly when. Think I'll continue with my current flow, study at ISI for one more year and do nothing in particular for a while longer. But oooooh. Yes.


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Tora さんのコメント...

when I read previuos entries about the "mystery education" I thought "she should really be a stylist!" :D

so yay!! go for it!! :)