The force is strong with this one

Me and Alex went down to Harajuku today.
The main goal was to buy pearls and such. You see, I'm paying for the material, and then she's gonna make me a special designed necklace! Just for me! She's so talented, and I'm so looking forward to the result!

Also picked up an issue of Tokyo Graffiti, where I'm featured in the street snap! And actually, they snapped my picture on my birthday, so that was pretty awesome. On my way to JackRose. Heh.
Told me to write my thoughts about DEATH (dun dun dunnn) so I just scribbled down something. I also like how I managed to look so extremely gullible orz.
Kinda fun magazine, by the way.

And while strutting around Laforet, I couldn't resist this ring.

It was.... calling out to me!

Now I'm gonna take a rest, feels like I've cought a cold
(BUT WHY! When it's finally around/under 30 degrees and you can actually DO stuff outside, I'm gonna go ahead and become sick?! Not ok I say, not ok!)

In another entry I'll show what I bought at JackRose today.
Hurr hurrr....

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