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Me and some friends from school went to Harajuku yesterday. It was an impulse thing, but I couldn't resist going to... mm, JackRose hurr hurr.
Now, I'm pretty sure you don't wanna hear my babbling about everyone there and if I start there's not gonna be an end to it, so. Well. Ah. Some suspicious situations occured as well though, tenchou-san WHAT ARE YOU UP TO
I love how they've stopped treating me as an ordinary customer and has become my friends! They even forgot I might wanted to buy something and just hanged out with me, making two hours pass like two minutes.

And the new the new catalogue has arrived! As always, full of SEE IT NEED IT MUST HAVE IT-items. Alsooo, if you spend over 21'000yen you get an extra gift! However they gave it to me for free anyway. Whatever I'm gonna do with a pair of JackRose briefs. Maybe I should just wear them too haha!

Then, when I came home after the izakaya, a huge envelope waited for me in the mailbox. From JackRose! Wooooho! They'd sent the catalogue per mail as well haha.

Aaaaaaand in completely different news:
It's for extending my visa, but it still felt kinda weird buying a stamp for... 4000yen.

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lex さんのコメント...

4000 yen? I exchanged it to our currency (Hungarian forint) and it's very expensive oO" Some weeks about I watched the television and Tokyo was said to be the world's most expensive city... Now I know why :D

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Haha yes, well this is one particular stamp especially for my visa papers :D ordinary stamps are like 70 yen or sumthin