The interview

Went to the headquarters at Kita-sando in Harajuku and had the interview. It went better than expected but I honestly have no idea at all wether I get the job or not....!

Of course everything was in Japanese which was no problem for me, and they seemed very impressed by that. (One point for me!) I also said things like yes I can and will work basically anytime, to which they seemed very happy. (Another point for me) When they said it's important with the superpolite service to the customers, I assured them that I don't like the western way and Oh how the Japanese service is great!!!, and they seemed soooo relieved to hear that. (Fifteen points to me!) They also told me I looked like I'd fit in a clothing store, aaand that I was like a Japanese. (That's a few more points right?)
They'll call me back in the end of this week, so.
Fingers and toes are crossed.
Jeezuhs, I really want this job.

Sooo after the interview (and a few dozen more polite phrases) I went to check out the store in question. It was actually the first time I entered Omotesando Hills ("It's too expensive anyways" I've always thought) but when I so walked by D&G and YSL I thought daaamn this place is fine. Yes. Here I want to work I thought!
There was also a store with Scandinavian design, so that's kinda hilarious.

The store is called Oriental News and opened just last weeks friday, so it's very new. The style is very feminine but also mature, and I could actually imagine myself wearing about half of the items in there, so that was a relief. The first time I heard about this brand was two days ago, so that's also kinda hilarious. (It felt a bit like Indiska, but 100 times more exclusive and expensive)

AH GEEZ now I went ahead and wrote all this so now I'm gonna be devastated if I don't get the job. Sadface.

Afterwards I went to JackRose to calm my nerves. (It worked) Omotesando Hills and JackRose are located about 150m from each other so that, as well, is awesome too. ♥
Hanged around with the guys until it got dark, went home, and here I am crossing everything that can be crossed hoping I'll get this job.
Daaaaaamn I want this job ugghhhhhrllll

Oh and thanks for the comments, by the way.
Cheered me up!

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Yuzuki さんのコメント...

I hope that you'll get the job too. ^^

lex さんのコメント...

After this, getting the job will be a piece of cake for you :)

Miriam さんのコメント...

My fingers are crossed! (:

[lèmənéid] さんのコメント...

Ah~ good luck once again! I wish i could understand that much Japanese - i would love to work at a clothing store, for example. If i could, i would be packing my bags right away! xD