Mmmmmm leather ♥

So I search around a few a lot of shops, in search for leather gloves, since I've magically lost my only pair (along with three scarfs and a scissor) somewhere in my 16sqm apartment.
I search... but find nothing.
I live in the worlds biggest city, but I can't find myself a pair of leather gloves!
I fall into despair... But then, suddenly, a friend suggest that I should go online on the so called world wide web and have a look. I do as told, and a few clicks and a week later I have leather gloves on my hands!
Oh, the interwebz... what would I do without you.☆

I actually wore my super awesome wine red lamb leather jacket made of win today, but it was still a bit too hot for it, so when taking a stroll to Nakano later on, I took my black (fake leather) one instead, the one I bought from JackRose last year!
Ah, my red jacket will probably be awesome when it's winter and I'm most likely freezing my butt off ♥

AH IT'S SO NICE THAT IT'S COOLER OUTSIDE SO I'M ABLE TO ACTUALLY WEAR CLOTHES, you know, because I just love me some leather.
The thunderstorm yesterday wasn't quite as cool though. My whole house was shaking!

In completely other news, today was the last day of this term, so from now on a nice and long autumn holiday. A week, people, a whole week! Well deserved, after 1,5 weeks of huge tests every day. (I scored 99/100 on the last grammar test woho!)
What also is significant about this day, is that it means I've now been studying One Year at ISI! Yeah!
I even dare to say that during this year I've become pretty much fluent in Japanese. (Don't get me wrong though; has still so, so, so much to learn... so much, it's not even funny bleh.) But that's pretty nice! Yes!

And wow, my plan was to just post that picture and write something like Hey lookie my new gloves yo! but it seems like I've talked the shiet out of this entry instead.
I guess I'm just in a pretty awesome mood... AHURR HURRR

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