It feels soooo nice with autumn holiday.
No school, no studies! Just relaxing, and spending time with people I like.

Oh hey, here's today's outfit with me in heels! These heels are amazing, they're so comfortable I feel like wearing them forever. (Kinda.)
I like this outfit, although it's kinda simple! Combining my no.1 cheapest item (pants from Indiska) with my no.1 most expensive (jacket from Brooks Brothers). Yehay!

Hanged around in Shinjuku with Malin and Emelie, having tea, dinner at izakaya, and some purikura. They've both colored their hair and it's lookin goood!

It was really, really nice to just... hang out, with no motive. It feels like it's been a long time since I've done that. (Was it really? Dunno.) I feel so stupidly happy all the time! Maybe, it just feels so nice having holiday. Or, having so nice friends.
....or, having a special someone, who's coming over any minute.

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Fabulous heels x) Happy together-time with that special someone :)