Windy wednesday

Went to Roppongi and the Swedish embassy to vote for the election in Sweden! Just because I'm not there right now doesn't mean I'm not gonna use my right to say what I think. So there we got it.

I don't like Roppongi very much, but since it's been such a long time since we've been there, so me and Alex decided not to go home at once. So from the embassy we fought our way back to Roppongi crossing.
Yes, fought.
Today's weather is crrrrrazy; a typhoon is lurking around nearby.

Stumbled upon a place that had Carlsberg!
Oh you beeeeaaast. I'd almost forgotten what a really good beer taste like. At most places they only have Heineken, which I don't like, so I usually never drink beer.

And then
Walked around in Roppongi Hills and had dinner at a very fancy place, but wasn't that expensive. There was only fresh business people there, and... us, with frizzy destroyed hair and sneakers.

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