I usually don't like going to clubs. I'm not that type of person and I usually feel kinda awkward when there. However, yesterdays clubnight at a small place in Omotesandou was really fun! I'm suspecting the reasons for that was that
1. it was a JackRose event, meaning
2. there was basically only JackRose staffs/JackRose models/men wearing JackRose/somehow JackRose-related men. But the main reason:
3. I love (love!) the Harajuku staff and I love going out with them!

Don't have any photos though since my camera is still dead, I don't have a flash on my cell phone and it was too dark. I wish I had some photos though... there was so many awesome people there.
I talked to a staff I met three billion years ago that used to work at the Harajuku store and got surprised how well he recognized me, and I also bonded a bit with the short staff from the Shibuya store I met the other day.

I told tenchou-san I wanted to go drinking with him more, to which he went all "Woho let's go today!!" so afterwards we went to an izakaya, together with Kudou, Wataba and Ryo of course. Too bad Ichijou and Harada didn't join, but with tenchou-san in the company it's always bound for a success! I already long for next time ☆

And today a typhoon's coming so I just plan on sitting around until Ryo comes back from work and don't plan on leaving the house for even just one minute. (Although I just came back from getting hot tea from the vending machine so I already failed on that point...)
See ya!


JackRose night


1 month

Met with Ryo after school yesterday, and apart from going to karaoke, window shopping and almost freeze to death in the cold rain, we went and ate okonomiyaki! I really like that, it's fun when you kinda cook your own food. (Or let your guy do all the work haha.)

Nom nom nom nom nom!

Oh, and! It's been a month since we got together! (Damn, that went fast. Slow down, time!) I didn't think we'd make a thing about it but alas, being the Perfect Guy he'd bought me a present; a small necklace from JackRose.

If I understood correctly only one was made of this, so it's a bit awesome. I got so happy! And surprised! But most happy.


Oh my god

Hot potato soup!

Now I know how I will keep warm in school this winter.


Men's knuckle

Bought the new issue of Men's knuckle today, and

bosh!! Special interview at JackRose! (Luv Maison is the subbrand to JackRose)
Ah, Ichijou! I wanna go out drinking with him again ASAP, he is so awesome! When everyone else were falling asleep or going home, he and I were all yeeeaaaah let's party until morning!! which was so fun. (In the end he fell asleep as well, but that's just a sidestory haha.)

Annnnd guess who else was featured in Ichijou's interview?

My heart skipped a beat. (Or two. Maybe three.)
He told me before that he was so nervous he was almost shaking when they had the photosession, haha. Well, in my opinion it turned out juuuust perfect.

(......leather glovesssss.)

Life ♪

For a while, I've been feeling kinda down and homesick and fed up with stuff. But I've realized that the prime factor of that was... the heat! I don't feel good when it's too hot, when you break a sweat just by standing, when you feel like you're walking in an oven, when you wake up in a sea of sweat... It was hard for me indeed.
But at least it was the hottest summer in more than 100 years! So it wasn't just me who was sensitive, yay! (But that's nothing to yay about...)

But now, summer's finally over! My favorite season, autumn, is here!
So when I walked home today (while wearing leather jacket AND scarf) I felt that my love for all and everything had come back. Yes, I like this country, I like living here so much. I love how I've changed and has become much more sure of myself and gained self confidence. I just love life right now!
(....well, having my special someone might just have something to do with my current mood as well, hihi.)

And being in such a good mood I took another little walk around my hood.

I think it's basically impossible not to get lost when walking around here...
(I know where I am but have no idea which road to take to get out of there) All these small, narrow roads, and all the houses! New, flashy mansions next to run-down ramshackle apartment buildings that looks like they've been left from the Edo era.

This is my favorite house!
It reminds me so of Project Zero, eheh, especially in the night... and it doesn't get better that the tiny, old hunchback woman who lives there seem to have some kind of serious grudge against me.
No, seriously.
It's a bit creepy.
But that's ok. I like her house.


Tips from the coach

Jaz had a homeparty yesterday and it was really fun and all, but here's my advice for you:

Don't take the spirytus.
Just don't!

That is all.


Foreigners unite

I should fix my camera so I can take outfit pictures where you can actually see what I'm wearing... Oh well. Took my glasses, and when I do that I always feel like dressing down, so. Wore my new pants and scarf though! ...although you can't really see them haha.

Shirt, watch, bracelet from JackRose, pants from Midas, cardigan from Black Peace Now for men, bag from Diavlo, shoes from Vans, scarf from H&M, eyeglasses from Diesel.

So yesterday I went home to Ryo after school yay! Usually we go out and do something creative on his days off, but sometimes it's nice just being at home doing nothing in particular. Like cuddling with his dog Rei! Rei seems to have taken a liking to me and jumps up in my face as soon as I don't pay attention to him. He's a Cocker Spaniel that's born in England, and Ryo always says he likes me because we're both foreigners, haha.
It's ok, Rei, I can relate.

In other related news, I'm also starting to think that there really aren't any drawbacks about my boyfriend, he just is this awesome guy I didn't even think existed...!
With that said, have the purikura we took the other day.



Today's findings

Had a shopping afternoon with Alex in Shibuya today!
Been a while since I went there so it was fun, but I also got reminded why I like Harajuku better to do my shopping.... anyway. The goal was 109-2 and my mission was to get new pants! ...of course I had already went on the interwebz before so I knew exactly what I wanted; these shiny kinda baggy ones from Midas. 2-way is yay! A tiny bit too big in the hips though, so I might adjust that myself later.

Annnd, here's where my usual fail comes in:
Of course I went around the other brands inside 109-2, and of course the window shopping turned into actual shopping when I saw this one at Fuga. I fell for it and just... couldn't let it go! It can be worn in about three hundred billion ways, love that.

Might gonna have to live on one onigiri a day for the rest of the month year, but that's just concequenses you have to take sometimes.

Of cooouuuurse I also went into JackRose. Which was pretty hilarious. Since I rarely go to Shibuya, the shop staffs naturally doesn't know I'm a regular and big spender... So this short one came up and asked "Is this jacket your wearing... JackRose?" and when I said yes, he just looked so exremely happy and surprised and almost started to burst out laughing, and even more so when he showed me the JackRose magazine and I said I already have it. Then, the whole time, all of the staff were staring like there was no tomorrow! I found the situation very hilarious, yes, haha. Oh, if they only knew.........

After that, a trip to 109, and a pop into H&M, where I finally got a scarf. It's getting cold! (...About 20c) And I don't know, but from what I bought today I might be most satisfied with this one... Maybe because it was cheap. And because it's a scarf.

And now: I'm pretty much dead. Gonna go to bed. RHYME AHAH
See ya!


I had a mission and it was a success!☆

...funny how I wrote this just after I stated that I wasn't very rich at the moment... But it's cool. I'll just go ahead and eat cup noodles from now on.



So last week when I was in Harajuku I popped into h.NAOTO and saw this scarf from NAOTO SEVEN that's made of win and awesome. Your regular Naoto style; gothic touch, assymetric feeling...

But at a closer look...

...the fringe is actually made of dead people.
Dead people!

See it.
Want it.

It's actually from last years collection and I still remember drooling all over it at Maruione one year ago, and now I rediscovered my deep love for it.
But, I don't feel particulary rich at the moment, so I don't think it's a good idea for me to spend 21'000 yen on a scarf... Even I have limits!




Nakano night

Had a night out with Alex yesterday in Nakano.
Ooh I love going out in Nakano, the atmosphere is so cozy and feels so different from for example Shinjuku. (Not to mention I have walking distance home)

Went to my regular bar, which was awesome even though it was a very quiet night. And so, after a couple of beers and after Alex missed her last train, we decided to go on to some other place and found a small rock bar. Squeezed in a space so small there was barely any room left for the chairs, so tiny! The bartender's smile was bigger than the bar itself.
However, we ventured out once again, and a sign telling us there was beer for 90yen (WHAT!) made us go in to a shochuu-bar, a really nice place in Japanese style that the owner had built himself. We stayed until closing time (7:00am!) and then made our way home.

I really really like these kind of small bars. I think it's the best way to meet new people! And Nakano is the place to be since there's about... five billion of them. (Bars, not people.)
Yes yes yes. I'm not sure if this post makes sense but I'm gonna go ahead and not care about that.
See ya!


More leather

So the other day when I bought leather gloves I actually bought two pairs, and the second one came in the mail yesterday.

I cannot stress enough how much I love half gloves! ♥

Long time no shopping

I've really tried to save money lately, since the student allowance has gotten so much less than it used to. I held on for about a month, but then I just couldn't help myself...!
Spended the day with Alex in Harajuku! Well, after school finished of course, but it always finish at 12.40 so I basically have all day after that anyway.
I get reminded all the time that Harajuku really is the place to be for shopping! Everywhere you go, there's so many shops, ranging so many different things....

And weeeell, of course I went to JackRose. And hanged around for too long as usual, haha. Ryo was kinda busy all the time, but I talked a lot to tenchou-san instead. I just can't get enough talking to him, he's just so funny! I bought a bracelet later on and almost couldn't believe my eyes when he gave me 20% off just like that for no reason at all. 20%! That's more than on my birthday when he gave me 10% off for my wristwatch...! Being friends with the shop manager is the shiet, yo! Haha

We went on and about for about... five hours straight? Apart from the time spent at JackRose. Everywhere we went either me or Alex went "Wait, just a second in this shop?", and we didn't even have time to finish every mission we had. But that's ok, Harajuku will still be there another day. (If the zombie apocalypse doesn't come first.)
Sooo, we went in to this totally random shop, and there was these hot thigh high boots, and I got talked into trying them on and OH MY GOD THEY FIT ME PERFECTLY which is VERY rare in Japan with my size. (25cm) I tried on some other shoes too, and I could wear them as well! That shop was so random and you can bet that I'm so going back.
I'm so happily surprised that I'm gonna give you a picture of my stupid face and the boots in question. (And Alex)

That I bought! Of course! Yeeeeeees!!
Since the heels aren't high at all they feel so comfortable to walk in, so they are perfect everyday boots. They feel a tiny bit too plain for my style though, but that's surely nothing I can't do anything about!


Bad ass

Started playing Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou the other day. (Yesterday)
Not amazing, but entertaining!
Love me some delinquents beating the crap of each other.

It's set in Kabukichou in Shinjuku (but the game is of course purely fiction and any resamblance to real life stuff is a pure coincident. Of course.) So instead of taking a 6min ride to the actual Shinjuku, I can stay inside my apartment and go to a virtual Shinjuku, while beating up some guys on the way there. Sweeet!



So it didn't turn out to be a splendid picture post... I guess I'm not that good at such things. Instead, let me just tell you about my Monday off!

...that really started in the middle of the night when Ryo came to my place since he'd missed the last train home after a nomikai with his work, haha.
And, let me just write this: not that it was enough with a Japanese guy snoring in my ear (well I might be okay with that), in the apartment next to me is another Japanese guy who snores even louder so that the walls are shaking! IT WAS DOUBLE SNORING ALL THE WAY and ohmygod so intense.
the next morning we went to his place! It's about 40 min or so from Shinjuku.

Such a nice and warm day, almost felt like summer had come back!
(Note: almost felt like that. Real summer isn't nice and warm; it's horriffic and causes litres of sweat, frustration and sudden death.)

Then we took the bus to Ikebukuro and hanged around looking in shops and going to gamecenters. I saw this amazingly adorable kitten plushie (MY HEART IS MELTING *tears of joy*) and Ryo put his heart and soul and many 100 yen coins trying to get it, which I found even more adorable haha.

Theeen we watched Resident Evil: afterlife (that goes by Biohazard: afterlife in Japan by the way) in 3D and it was awesome and so much eyecandy and I need the soundtrack NOW.

Went out and about some more until we settled down to eat (pastaaaa) and talked. When taking the picture, he gave me his best yankii look, haha.

Does he knows I have a (very, very) soft spot for such things? I can't recall telling him.

That was my Monday!
The End.


Went to Ikebukuro to eat dinner with a couple of friends, and then sitting around chillin' & killin' some time in the smoking park. Pretty nice smoking park, if you want to know my opinion.
Thanks Emelie for the picture, my camera is still broken and currently I'm too lazy to do anything about that situation.

I've been lacking with posts again, huh. Well I guess you know the reason? Yes I do think you know the reason.... Hurrr. And tomorrow I'm going to my boyfriend's house! He usually stays over at my place, but now I'm gonna go to his, in the middle of nowhere (if you can live in the middle of nowhere when you live in Tokyo) so maybe I will try to take some PICTURES of the surroundings and Tokyo-life-stuff and stuff. Because I was thinking, maybe I should post more pictures of Tokyo and stuff. When I'm out and about, I usually don't take pictures because I'm busy living in the moment, so to speak. Well that sounded kinda pretentious haha, but the truth is that afterwards I sometimes regret that I don't have pictures to remember whatever I was doing. So... gonna give it a try tomorrow. Maybe? Yes.
Good night~☆


It's fashion, baby

Today I went to a couseling at another fashion school.
Compared to Tokyo Mode Gakuen it felt so incredibly much more ambitious and serious! The buildings were old and has definately seen better days, but after being there Mode Gakuen felt a bit like a... playhouse. Or some of the like.

Maybe worth mentioning is that this is also the school Hirooka Naoto (aka h.NAOTO) and Mint (Sixh.) graduated from.

Yes yes yes....
Though it's a tiny bit more expensive. ...but it might just be worth it.


Real magazine

"Sooo you and Ryo are a couple now! 楽しそうねー!"
S-s-s-stop saying things like that, I blush like there's no tomorrow and that's embarrassing!!

Well. Long time no JackRose!
I missed talking to tenchou-san* since he's definately one of the funniest guys I know. I also tried a winter jacket with fur I instantly fell in love with but really shouldn't buy AS IN REALLY, NO, DON'T, STOP, SAVE YOUR MONEY, and also sat outside with Ryo on his break. Was gonna buy the new JackRose magazine, but tenchou-san gave it to me for free, yay!

And now I'm so tired I actually don't know what's holding me upright.
Good night.

*tenchou is not his name, tenchou (店長) means shop manager i.e. that's what he is, but most of the guys just calls him tenchou-san, and so it has stuck with me too.

Purikura or it didn't happen

Why does it feel like IT'S REALLY HAPPENING just because we took purikura yesterday?
Maybe I've been japanified.
Or maybe because I have picture proof. orz

But that's ok.


Another nice night

So I went with some friends to our favorite izakaya yesterday!
This place is just awesome; the drinks are cheap, the food is delicious, and the staff is the coolest/friendliest/sweetest you can find.

Enjoyed ourselves, but when it was almost closingtime I went WAIT WAIT I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES AND MAKE MEMORIES FROM THIS NIGHT
so I snapped a few.

All the tables has different themes, and this time we got to sit at the CrowsxWorst table! (i.e. one of my favorite mangas) My other favorite is the Star Wars table.

Only me and Alex were left when I picked up my phone to take pictures though, haha.

Oooh yes. Dunno how many times I've done posts about this place, but be sure that theres gonna be more in the future. It's just too awesome not to post about!
Like... when you leave, the staff gives you candy, follows you to the door and stands outside waving at you as you walk away.
Awesome? Yes.


These lashes

Love them♪

Was gonna buy those expensive designerlashes but found these offbrands that looks exactly the same but for half the price.

In other news,
my computer seems to be suicidal AGAIN

Good morning

And so this holiday I've yet again managed to mess with my diurnal rhythm, Tuesday is not gonna be merciful... But on the other hand; meh.

But now I'm gonna turn in, with just a bit of late night early morning DJ Ozma!

One school year

Looks like this



1 year anniversary!

So yesterday was actually exactly one year since I moved to Japan!
Oh what a year....
I could do a reflection over the time that has passed, but I'll just leave that to another day and another entry. Let's just say moving to Japan was the best decision I've ever made.☆

Felt like doing some kind of celebration thingy, so I went over to Jaz's place for some drunken scrabble, and later on heading out to Nakano for some karaoke (Disney medley YES) and more drinks at our awesome regular bar.

Wish Ryo could've joined us, but like every Japanese, he has a lot of workstuff.
But today I'm not hungover at all, which just further proves the awesomeness of my decision!
(No wait, it doesn't.)

Right now I also doesn't have a valid visa, since they're late with the extension over at the immigration center, howdy.
And about my job interview? Well, I honestly have no idea at all. They called me the other day, asking me to submit my resume, but that doesn't even have to mean anything. I'll just keep waiting and see what happens. Otherwise I'll see what else I can find!

Well well.
Still autumn holiday!
What will I do todayyy....?