Another nice night

So I went with some friends to our favorite izakaya yesterday!
This place is just awesome; the drinks are cheap, the food is delicious, and the staff is the coolest/friendliest/sweetest you can find.

Enjoyed ourselves, but when it was almost closingtime I went WAIT WAIT I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES AND MAKE MEMORIES FROM THIS NIGHT
so I snapped a few.

All the tables has different themes, and this time we got to sit at the CrowsxWorst table! (i.e. one of my favorite mangas) My other favorite is the Star Wars table.

Only me and Alex were left when I picked up my phone to take pictures though, haha.

Oooh yes. Dunno how many times I've done posts about this place, but be sure that theres gonna be more in the future. It's just too awesome not to post about!
Like... when you leave, the staff gives you candy, follows you to the door and stands outside waving at you as you walk away.
Awesome? Yes.

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匿名 さんのコメント...

Is it okay to ask how good are you in japanese atm? I mean, do you understand what people say in TV shows and books? Were you able to understand even _some_ sentences in a book when you came to Japan?

I'm just curious because I have been studying japanese for few years and I feel like I understand the theory and grammar. But I really don't understand sentences that easily, especially when I just hear them.

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

I understand TV shows, but not everything since they talk very fast and there's a lot of words I don't know. Speaking of books, it completely depends on the book, haha...

I'm not very good at deciding how good I am, but. I managed to have a job interview entirely in Japanese, and I have a boyfriend that only speaks Japanese that I can talk with freely. Maybe you can get an idea?

匿名 さんのコメント...

Yeah I get the idea. It just feels a bit depressing sometimes because I feel like i will never learn this language. Every time I hear talking I just understands some words because I don't have enough time to think about all the particles and other things.Well... maybe some day... :D