Foreigners unite

I should fix my camera so I can take outfit pictures where you can actually see what I'm wearing... Oh well. Took my glasses, and when I do that I always feel like dressing down, so. Wore my new pants and scarf though! ...although you can't really see them haha.

Shirt, watch, bracelet from JackRose, pants from Midas, cardigan from Black Peace Now for men, bag from Diavlo, shoes from Vans, scarf from H&M, eyeglasses from Diesel.

So yesterday I went home to Ryo after school yay! Usually we go out and do something creative on his days off, but sometimes it's nice just being at home doing nothing in particular. Like cuddling with his dog Rei! Rei seems to have taken a liking to me and jumps up in my face as soon as I don't pay attention to him. He's a Cocker Spaniel that's born in England, and Ryo always says he likes me because we're both foreigners, haha.
It's ok, Rei, I can relate.

In other related news, I'm also starting to think that there really aren't any drawbacks about my boyfriend, he just is this awesome guy I didn't even think existed...!
With that said, have the purikura we took the other day.


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さらまり さんのコメント...

Aw, its so sweet to hear your bf is the great kind of guy you didn't think existed. It gives me hope because I dont feel any guy can suit me now haha.

I love the puri kura, what a cute couple!