I usually don't like going to clubs. I'm not that type of person and I usually feel kinda awkward when there. However, yesterdays clubnight at a small place in Omotesandou was really fun! I'm suspecting the reasons for that was that
1. it was a JackRose event, meaning
2. there was basically only JackRose staffs/JackRose models/men wearing JackRose/somehow JackRose-related men. But the main reason:
3. I love (love!) the Harajuku staff and I love going out with them!

Don't have any photos though since my camera is still dead, I don't have a flash on my cell phone and it was too dark. I wish I had some photos though... there was so many awesome people there.
I talked to a staff I met three billion years ago that used to work at the Harajuku store and got surprised how well he recognized me, and I also bonded a bit with the short staff from the Shibuya store I met the other day.

I told tenchou-san I wanted to go drinking with him more, to which he went all "Woho let's go today!!" so afterwards we went to an izakaya, together with Kudou, Wataba and Ryo of course. Too bad Ichijou and Harada didn't join, but with tenchou-san in the company it's always bound for a success! I already long for next time ☆

And today a typhoon's coming so I just plan on sitting around until Ryo comes back from work and don't plan on leaving the house for even just one minute. (Although I just came back from getting hot tea from the vending machine so I already failed on that point...)
See ya!

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Och fan och apa att du inte har din kamera >_< Du har inte funderat på att skaffa en ny? ;D inte så dyrt ju :O önska i julklapp!

and btw, var fan är den jävla skittyfonen? denkommer ju inte, och jag som inte fick min säng idag för att det skulle vara tyfon >< WRAAH!