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For a while, I've been feeling kinda down and homesick and fed up with stuff. But I've realized that the prime factor of that was... the heat! I don't feel good when it's too hot, when you break a sweat just by standing, when you feel like you're walking in an oven, when you wake up in a sea of sweat... It was hard for me indeed.
But at least it was the hottest summer in more than 100 years! So it wasn't just me who was sensitive, yay! (But that's nothing to yay about...)

But now, summer's finally over! My favorite season, autumn, is here!
So when I walked home today (while wearing leather jacket AND scarf) I felt that my love for all and everything had come back. Yes, I like this country, I like living here so much. I love how I've changed and has become much more sure of myself and gained self confidence. I just love life right now!
(....well, having my special someone might just have something to do with my current mood as well, hihi.)

And being in such a good mood I took another little walk around my hood.

I think it's basically impossible not to get lost when walking around here...
(I know where I am but have no idea which road to take to get out of there) All these small, narrow roads, and all the houses! New, flashy mansions next to run-down ramshackle apartment buildings that looks like they've been left from the Edo era.

This is my favorite house!
It reminds me so of Project Zero, eheh, especially in the night... and it doesn't get better that the tiny, old hunchback woman who lives there seem to have some kind of serious grudge against me.
No, seriously.
It's a bit creepy.
But that's ok. I like her house.

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lex さんのコメント...

The second picture looks really enticing to me :)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Me too! I wanna go inside and look! (..but will probably be assassinated if I try)