Long time no shopping

I've really tried to save money lately, since the student allowance has gotten so much less than it used to. I held on for about a month, but then I just couldn't help myself...!
Spended the day with Alex in Harajuku! Well, after school finished of course, but it always finish at 12.40 so I basically have all day after that anyway.
I get reminded all the time that Harajuku really is the place to be for shopping! Everywhere you go, there's so many shops, ranging so many different things....

And weeeell, of course I went to JackRose. And hanged around for too long as usual, haha. Ryo was kinda busy all the time, but I talked a lot to tenchou-san instead. I just can't get enough talking to him, he's just so funny! I bought a bracelet later on and almost couldn't believe my eyes when he gave me 20% off just like that for no reason at all. 20%! That's more than on my birthday when he gave me 10% off for my wristwatch...! Being friends with the shop manager is the shiet, yo! Haha

We went on and about for about... five hours straight? Apart from the time spent at JackRose. Everywhere we went either me or Alex went "Wait, just a second in this shop?", and we didn't even have time to finish every mission we had. But that's ok, Harajuku will still be there another day. (If the zombie apocalypse doesn't come first.)
Sooo, we went in to this totally random shop, and there was these hot thigh high boots, and I got talked into trying them on and OH MY GOD THEY FIT ME PERFECTLY which is VERY rare in Japan with my size. (25cm) I tried on some other shoes too, and I could wear them as well! That shop was so random and you can bet that I'm so going back.
I'm so happily surprised that I'm gonna give you a picture of my stupid face and the boots in question. (And Alex)

That I bought! Of course! Yeeeeeees!!
Since the heels aren't high at all they feel so comfortable to walk in, so they are perfect everyday boots. They feel a tiny bit too plain for my style though, but that's surely nothing I can't do anything about!

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さらまり さんのコメント...

The bracelet is very cool and it was so nice of the manager to give you that discount!

Congrats on finding nice boots that fit you well! You are lucky to be 25 cm, you have some hope. I a, 27 cm...haha!

Anchu さんのコメント...

Omg thigh high is sexyness. Word.

Hey thar. I stumbled across your blog some months ago searching for Közi stuff and then stumbled on it yesterday again. And both times I caught myself (seriously) wondering if I actually went to that concert, wrote that entry and forgot about it and if I'm just utterly and totally crazy! Turns out that no, our writing style (and train of thought)is just damn similar, I don't need to worry as of yet~

I've surfed all over your blog, and it's so nicely laid back! Be sure to see me around! >:D


Quarter Void さんのコメント...

anchu: I'm happy to hear that! and I can see the recemblance in your comment haha