Men's knuckle

Bought the new issue of Men's knuckle today, and

bosh!! Special interview at JackRose! (Luv Maison is the subbrand to JackRose)
Ah, Ichijou! I wanna go out drinking with him again ASAP, he is so awesome! When everyone else were falling asleep or going home, he and I were all yeeeaaaah let's party until morning!! which was so fun. (In the end he fell asleep as well, but that's just a sidestory haha.)

Annnnd guess who else was featured in Ichijou's interview?

My heart skipped a beat. (Or two. Maybe three.)
He told me before that he was so nervous he was almost shaking when they had the photosession, haha. Well, in my opinion it turned out juuuust perfect.

(......leather glovesssss.)

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Anchu さんのコメント...

Knuuuckleee! Having your boy in there, is the bomb.
And at least he doesn't *look* nervous. He's just looking fresh.

Makes me want some gyaru-o/onii-kei magazines, cause that's hot (hey even the pornographic poster girls sections are cool!)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Yea, the magazines are pretty hilarious to me, haha.... but the clothes are hot and gets me inspired!