Nakano night

Had a night out with Alex yesterday in Nakano.
Ooh I love going out in Nakano, the atmosphere is so cozy and feels so different from for example Shinjuku. (Not to mention I have walking distance home)

Went to my regular bar, which was awesome even though it was a very quiet night. And so, after a couple of beers and after Alex missed her last train, we decided to go on to some other place and found a small rock bar. Squeezed in a space so small there was barely any room left for the chairs, so tiny! The bartender's smile was bigger than the bar itself.
However, we ventured out once again, and a sign telling us there was beer for 90yen (WHAT!) made us go in to a shochuu-bar, a really nice place in Japanese style that the owner had built himself. We stayed until closing time (7:00am!) and then made our way home.

I really really like these kind of small bars. I think it's the best way to meet new people! And Nakano is the place to be since there's about... five billion of them. (Bars, not people.)
Yes yes yes. I'm not sure if this post makes sense but I'm gonna go ahead and not care about that.
See ya!

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rusty さんのコメント...

Haha, jag tror du var på en av mina favoritbarer i Nakano. Det får plats cirka fyra, max fem, personer. De har en tv inbyggd (som man ser på bilden) i barhyllan. När jag var där så spelade de alltid fight club. Det är också alltid en blond bartender där, som ler som en idiot. Jag tror den heter Rock Bar?
Är det samma? :O

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Det är med säkerhet samma! Bartendern pratade nämligen också om en svensk som älskade Gackt som brukade vara där för några år sen... Jag fick redan där några starka misstankar :D