Real magazine

"Sooo you and Ryo are a couple now! 楽しそうねー!"
S-s-s-stop saying things like that, I blush like there's no tomorrow and that's embarrassing!!

Well. Long time no JackRose!
I missed talking to tenchou-san* since he's definately one of the funniest guys I know. I also tried a winter jacket with fur I instantly fell in love with but really shouldn't buy AS IN REALLY, NO, DON'T, STOP, SAVE YOUR MONEY, and also sat outside with Ryo on his break. Was gonna buy the new JackRose magazine, but tenchou-san gave it to me for free, yay!

And now I'm so tired I actually don't know what's holding me upright.
Good night.

*tenchou is not his name, tenchou (店長) means shop manager i.e. that's what he is, but most of the guys just calls him tenchou-san, and so it has stuck with me too.

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