Went to Ikebukuro to eat dinner with a couple of friends, and then sitting around chillin' & killin' some time in the smoking park. Pretty nice smoking park, if you want to know my opinion.
Thanks Emelie for the picture, my camera is still broken and currently I'm too lazy to do anything about that situation.

I've been lacking with posts again, huh. Well I guess you know the reason? Yes I do think you know the reason.... Hurrr. And tomorrow I'm going to my boyfriend's house! He usually stays over at my place, but now I'm gonna go to his, in the middle of nowhere (if you can live in the middle of nowhere when you live in Tokyo) so maybe I will try to take some PICTURES of the surroundings and Tokyo-life-stuff and stuff. Because I was thinking, maybe I should post more pictures of Tokyo and stuff. When I'm out and about, I usually don't take pictures because I'm busy living in the moment, so to speak. Well that sounded kinda pretentious haha, but the truth is that afterwards I sometimes regret that I don't have pictures to remember whatever I was doing. So... gonna give it a try tomorrow. Maybe? Yes.
Good night~☆

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