Today's findings

Had a shopping afternoon with Alex in Shibuya today!
Been a while since I went there so it was fun, but I also got reminded why I like Harajuku better to do my shopping.... anyway. The goal was 109-2 and my mission was to get new pants! ...of course I had already went on the interwebz before so I knew exactly what I wanted; these shiny kinda baggy ones from Midas. 2-way is yay! A tiny bit too big in the hips though, so I might adjust that myself later.

Annnd, here's where my usual fail comes in:
Of course I went around the other brands inside 109-2, and of course the window shopping turned into actual shopping when I saw this one at Fuga. I fell for it and just... couldn't let it go! It can be worn in about three hundred billion ways, love that.

Might gonna have to live on one onigiri a day for the rest of the month year, but that's just concequenses you have to take sometimes.

Of cooouuuurse I also went into JackRose. Which was pretty hilarious. Since I rarely go to Shibuya, the shop staffs naturally doesn't know I'm a regular and big spender... So this short one came up and asked "Is this jacket your wearing... JackRose?" and when I said yes, he just looked so exremely happy and surprised and almost started to burst out laughing, and even more so when he showed me the JackRose magazine and I said I already have it. Then, the whole time, all of the staff were staring like there was no tomorrow! I found the situation very hilarious, yes, haha. Oh, if they only knew.........

After that, a trip to 109, and a pop into H&M, where I finally got a scarf. It's getting cold! (...About 20c) And I don't know, but from what I bought today I might be most satisfied with this one... Maybe because it was cheap. And because it's a scarf.

And now: I'm pretty much dead. Gonna go to bed. RHYME AHAH
See ya!

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Ram さんのコメント...


Från Sverige? :---D

lex さんのコメント...

Nice scarf ;)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Ram: Jag? Stämmer bra det!

lex: it's my substitute for the one from h.NAOTO haha

lex さんのコメント...

I thought so :) Either way, this one is cool too - and it must have been cheaper, right? :)