Went straight home from school, sat down in front of the computer and continued on what I started yesterday. I've put down much more energy than needed in this, but how can I not when I'm having so much funnnn ヒューーッ!!

Click here for finished version


Indian curry

The bread, people, the BREAD!


Mode sunday

Today I once again went to Tokyo Mode Gakuen, this time to accompany Alex at the open campus. She wants to study fashion design! As for me, I have no particular interest in that field, which made the lesson kinda funny. We got to make a t-shirt, and every time the design student that assisted me asked "So, what do you want to do next on this?! I answered "Uuuuuuh...." and didn't come up with anything, haha.
Oh well, in the end I guess I did, and here's the outcome:

Fashion design is obviously not something I should devote myself to, but oh well, it was fun to sew something again (I actually used to make a lot of clothes when I was younger!) and it always fun to be at Mode Gakuen!

Afterwards we went to Krispy Kreme and indulged in the new christmas doughnuts! The green apple one was delish, but the toffe cream one wasn't all that nice.

The yearly Shinjuku Illumination is pretty as always, makes walking through the Southern Terrace much more... illuminated. Anyway. It's pretty!

And then I finally took my camera to Yodobashi for reparation yessss! Will be done in about two weeks and then there will once again be clear pictures in this blog.
We then headed to east Shinjuku and had dinner at Italian tomato, and after having parted ways on the way back home I suddenly stumbled upon Harada! Awesome.
That was my Sunday!
Now I'm gonna go to sleep.
The end.


Fuji-Q highland!

Yeeeaaaaaah yesterday's school trip to Fuji-Q highland was awesome! The bus ride took about 2 hours (it's in Yamanashi) and during the ride we got to enjoy the beautiful landscape scenery with all the mountains filled with autumn leaves. Brilliant! I had no camera so I've stolen these from Alex.

We only got 4-5 hours there so we couldn't do everything we wanted, luckily it wasn't crowded though so the queues weren't that bad. Fuji-Q is famous for the jetcoasters y'know, and one of them is called Dodonpa and that one KILLED ME OHMYGOD! Speed is 172 km/h that it's reaches in 2 seconds. 2 seconds!! That beginning was hell, it felt like all my guts was left at the launch site! Not to mention the 90° drop I sure as hell wasn't prepared of! Afterwards I had a strong headache that reminded me very much of a slight concussion...

I also tried the Pizza-la ride and felt the g-force first press my guts up my throat while being almost upside down, and then down to my feet. Felt awesome!

And then I firmly refused to ride Fujiyama and freakin Eejanaika. (Just looking at that one made my guts scream in protest)
Honestly, Japan's jet coasters are out of this world!! While riding Dodonpa it was the second time in my life that I seriously and without a doubt thought I was going to die, haha! I might be a coward, but ACK!!

Luckily beautiful Fuji-san was there to watch over my poor soul.

But oooh, the first thing we did was run to the haunted hospital! As the world's largest haunted attraction, it sure didn't disappoint me. The surroundings was so realistic, even the smell! I've never experienced any of the like before. I have no idea how long time it took since I was scared shitless all. The. Time. And I've never screamed so much! Also my abs were hurting afterwards because I'd strained myself so much, haha.
Oh wow... this one.... I want to go again!!
I didn't actually thought I was going to die though, since my mind always knew that it wasn't for real. THE JET COASTERS ON THE OTHER HAND

Apple tea

As some might be familiar with alreay, there's been a nordic boom here this autumn, apparently not only in fashion. Saw this at the konbini and had to buy it! Cross stitching reminds me of warm and cozy homes with piles of snow outside, homecooked food and not having anything to worry about. Not that my current reality includes any of the previously mentioned, but BAM, christmas spirit awoken!


Today I pretended that I have short hair.



Today I had a short date with Emelie and then went off to Harajuku and, as I once again could confirm, the love of my life; JackRose! It'd been a while since I went there, so my heartbeat went extra faster this time. As in physical terms, yes. (It always does..)
I don't know exactly what it is that does it, but just being there makes me so... happy! Walking around looking at all the clothes, and of course, talk to everyone. Ryo was busy but I went outside with him on his break. When I went upstairs to Luv Maison, me and Ichijou started talking and when we two start there's no end! Suddenly one hour had passed, but it felt like ten minutes..! (He wanted to see my schoolbooks, and then I had to explain some grammar to him, haha!) If the customers wouldn't have come we'd probably gone on even longer. Well... it's always like that when I'm there. I walk inside, and poff! it's gotten dark already.
I just... love everyone there and I love being there. I'm sure I've said this a million times, but.
My sense of style has changed a little bit, I don't want to be 100% men's fashion any more as I was before, but my feelings for Jack hasn't changed.
Me + JackRose = true love 4EVAH!!!!!1

Sorry to bore you with another one of these text posts.
Tomorrow is FujiQ, yay!
See ya



Went to Jaz and ate nabe with her and Gaby.
This food is perfect when the temperature is dropping outside.



Had the most miserable and boring Sunday ever, so I did this make up and took this picture and while looking at it, suddenly everything felt so weird and cute and I had a good little laugh!



Indian curry after school, christmas present hunting at Takashimaya, Krispy kreme doughnuts for about three hundred hours, dinner at Subway, a drink at the HUB, some more beers at a packed Current and the last train home. That's how you can spend a Friday! But no pics of that because my phone died a sudden death in the middle of it. Instead, a picture of me and the christmas tree in the school lobby:

Ah... I'm almost getting some christmas spirit here. Apart from the autumn leaves, +15c (but I think that's freakin COLD man) and the total lack of snow.
Anyway. I wonder what's in the packages! If they're empty, I will be sad.
Good night!


Quarter Void kitchen: Konnyaku

Ever since I saw a program on TV some months ago about a girl who's diet consisted of only eating konnyaku cooked in different ways, I've been curious to try it myself. Its consistency is similar to gel, and holds a whopping 5kcal per 100g. One package is 250g and costs 90yen at my local supermarket.

So what did I make out of this grey blob?
Well, I followed one of three billion recipes I found on the interwebz; cut in cubes, fry in olive oil, on with soy sauce and some spices, ready to eat.

Ummm weeeell....
The dressing tasted nice anyway.

I recommend this to:
no one in particular really.

That is all.


When me and Ryo went to Daikanyama, we also took a stroll to Nakameguro and a small shop called & STRIPE, a shop selling buttons. There, I found a magnifying glass pendant I took to my liking. Ryo, being the adorable guy he is, not only bought it for me, but later on also bought some chains and crafted a necklace for me that I got yesterday.

My godness. I love it!

And today, I'm sitting here alone at home and is sad of the thought that I don't know when I can see him again. Not to worry, it'll probably only be a few days as usual, but that is enough to make me feel lonely since I'm head over heels for this guy. And he feels the same for me! This is like a love story that's too good to be true, although it is true and I'm in the middle of it.

Oooooh dear, with that said, I might need to take a walk and clear my head of this sudden emotional outburst.



I'm gonna take tons of pictures today! Making memories!
I thought.
But it was to freakin cold and windy and rainy and I was too tired and had a headache and was busy making my head work at all to think about pictures.

So anyway, me and Ryo went to Shimokitazawa today after my school ended. We always go out and do stuff, he wants to take me to places I haven't been to and so on, and today was Shimokitazawa. It felt kinda like Harajuku's backstreets, small streets with loads of shops for younger people. Very cozy (apart from the speakers pumping out music on the streets, I hate that) but since the weather didn't want to cooperate I couldn't really make a fair judgement.

And now I'm sitting here with a head that's trying to kill me.
In the past few days I've also
- been to Mode Gakuen again with Alex (Tojo-san was happy as usual)
- went on a small shopping round with Gaby in Shinjuku
- refrained from cleaning my apartment
but I also seem to have lost ideas of what to write about, in my current state of having a cold that doesn't want to break out so I'm just dead tired all the time instead. Taking this opportunity to ask my readers if there's anything special you'd like to read about?
Like... a post request, or some of the like.
Well, if not, hang on for a while until I put my head back together.
See ya!



In a couple of weeks, the schooltrips that's arranged every three months will this time take us to Fuji-Q highland, a theme park just at the base of Mount Fuji! I'm really excited about it, they have some really awesome looking jetcoasters and also....

...the haunted hospital! Gotta admit I look most forward to this. The world's largest haunted attraction; a labyrinth route of 900m that takes around 60min to complete.

So, I want to walk this because I think it would be fun? Or because I like to look fear in the eye and laugh at it? No no no. If I take this route, I''ll probably get scared shitless and cry/screm/cry-scream my guts out while in fetal position or something. And I want to expose myself to that because.......?
I dunno. Maybe because there's such a thrill in being scared when you know it's not for real yay!
All I know is that I might have to ride the tea cups for the rest of the day afterwards. Yes. Awesome!



Performed so bad at today's big achievement test (during intense pain in stomach, mind you) but got my mind on nicer thoughts when I went to Daikanyama with Ryo after school!
First time I went there, and oh my, so glad I did. The atmosphere is so different! Barely feels like Tokyo, or even Japan for that matter. The air feels more fresher, softer... Complete different feeling from where I use to hang out. Deeefinately going back, if not just for the pancakes.

At a pancake café I don't remember the name of but OH MY GOD they were heavenly. Ryo commmented that I suddenly looked so blessed and satisfied, haha.

We had a walk around here and there, everything expensive as hell of course, like for example Vivienne Westwood that suddenly appeared in front of us. Gah I could sure do for that shirt or that bag or that coat... preferably now, please, yes.

In other news, my boyfriend's hair isn't purple anymore; they corrected it so it's now dark brown ash something. Looks like silver. And it's awesome. Yes!
I also got to know that he probably will probably be moved from the JackRose floor to the Luv Maison floor! I find that nice since when it all comes down to it I do prefer Luv over Jack regarding clothing. I also find it nice that I get to know shitloads of stuff about happenings over at JackRose since Ryo works there.... hurrrr.... Weeeell. See ya!



They told him at work that having bright blonde hair was overdoing it, that he should color it. In my opinion, blonde hair fits pretty damn well with the JackRose image they have over there, buuuut we are in Japan so yah... Anyway so. The new color is: purple.
How's does purple with a hint of blue work better than bleached blonde?
I wondered. Turns out it wasn't exactly the color he ordered, and that the red (...what red?) will dissappear after a while, and that they will recolor it in a while... Naw. Haha.
Weeeeell, purple is pretty cool if you ask me, haha.
So I will have a pretty fun time for a while!
Purple hihi.


Vivienne fever

After school ended, before going to Yoyogi, Malin and Emelie gave me my birthday presents! 4 months late (........), but still.
Everything from Vivienne Westwood!

Crazy handkerchief! (That reminds me so much of this haha)

Eyeglass strap.
YES! It is that awesome!
Notice the tiny orb on the side.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir, oooohoho this is my favourite fragrance of all times! I never get tired of it, and actually I'm sitting here smelling the bottle right now.

And all this, just as I was in this particular VW-mood while not having money to shop for. Thanks guys! ♥

Autumn chill

Chillin killin in Yoyogi kouen☆

Perfect weather〜♪



Time to get fat〜☆


Weekend lazybum

After starting morning classes, I've started to to Fun and Interesting Stuff on the weekdays after school, instead of the weekends, since I basically got all day to do so when school finishes. Yesterday, for example, I spent the whole day out and about with Ryo, and then went to karaoke with some friends in Koenji.

Now it's weekend, and so far I've been sleeping (a lot) and watching movies. After writing this, I plan to watch a movie or two, and then maybe sleep.

A remarkable change from when I had afternoon classes.



Yesterday I felt a sudden kick of inspiration, so I popped in to Tokyu Hands on my way home and got some supplies, and now I'm in the middle of filling the pad. It feels so REFRESHING but my skills are not so impressive after basically haven't drawed at all for over a year.



Day off, so went to Bunka festival.
The fashion show was awesome ☆


Japanese garden

Hanged around with a couple of friends in Mejiro today. We went to a Japanese garden, that was so much bigger than it looked like from the outside. A nice oasis in the otherwise busy Ikebukuro ward...

Love the autumn leaves.


I seem to have forgotten to mention that I've done some more deco on my keitai, since I was tired of the nothingness on the backside. I did it about three million years ago so it's no news, but.
A simple design. Just.

And a great man. (It reads "Daisuke to kuro no injatachi) Bought the sticker set at his last concert... who suddenly turned out to be his last concert ever... so not cool. /teardrop of sadness

The front is the same, though I added an extra line of stones.
So, I've mixed Swarovski stones with cheap plastic ones... I thought this one through, yes I sure did.



You know, I've had some issues with this shirt, but to think that one almost forgotten brooch would come along and erase all the problems? Yeeeesssssss.

Gundam Café

After being in Ueno we went to Akihabara and since my boyfriend is a big fan of Gundam, we went to the Gundam Café just outside the station. As for me, who's not that much into robots, I thought it was made of win.

Inside is (obviusly) Gundam themed, with lots of figures, and a huge TV showing various Gundam stuff. Oh, and it's not very expensive either, a coffe and dessert for 700yen.

Now, the café was really cool and if you're a fan of Gundam it's a must see, but what I enjoyed the most was... the toilet! There was a button on the wall, and when pushing it the light started changing violently and sounds came out making it look like you was in an actual Gundam! Well, it felt a bit weird taking off into space while on the toilet peeing, but alas, awesome.

Actually, this was the second time ever that I've been to Akihabara, and it was just like I remember it from one year ago: maids, nerds, middle/highschool kids, tourists. Still not a big fan, but it was fun going back.

And since Ryo wants to go inside basically every game center we pass by, there was a lot of stops, haha. But this time, he won a nyanko for me!
Ooooh happy days~


High voltage!!