Mode sunday

Today I once again went to Tokyo Mode Gakuen, this time to accompany Alex at the open campus. She wants to study fashion design! As for me, I have no particular interest in that field, which made the lesson kinda funny. We got to make a t-shirt, and every time the design student that assisted me asked "So, what do you want to do next on this?! I answered "Uuuuuuh...." and didn't come up with anything, haha.
Oh well, in the end I guess I did, and here's the outcome:

Fashion design is obviously not something I should devote myself to, but oh well, it was fun to sew something again (I actually used to make a lot of clothes when I was younger!) and it always fun to be at Mode Gakuen!

Afterwards we went to Krispy Kreme and indulged in the new christmas doughnuts! The green apple one was delish, but the toffe cream one wasn't all that nice.

The yearly Shinjuku Illumination is pretty as always, makes walking through the Southern Terrace much more... illuminated. Anyway. It's pretty!

And then I finally took my camera to Yodobashi for reparation yessss! Will be done in about two weeks and then there will once again be clear pictures in this blog.
We then headed to east Shinjuku and had dinner at Italian tomato, and after having parted ways on the way back home I suddenly stumbled upon Harada! Awesome.
That was my Sunday!
Now I'm gonna go to sleep.
The end.

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さらまり さんのコメント...

I like the shirt you made, I really like red and black together XD Its a simple shirt, but bold!

Maja さんのコメント...

Omggg I miss you!! :< and you seem to have so much fun over there, I want to be there with you! Would lovelovelove to be in T-town for Christmas this year...

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Maja, I miss you too! Yea, christmas is so nice here, you get the yummy x-mas spirit and all that, but don't have to deal with the x-mas PANIC that I really don't like. (on the other hand you miss out on the snow and food... boo)