Indian curry after school, christmas present hunting at Takashimaya, Krispy kreme doughnuts for about three hundred hours, dinner at Subway, a drink at the HUB, some more beers at a packed Current and the last train home. That's how you can spend a Friday! But no pics of that because my phone died a sudden death in the middle of it. Instead, a picture of me and the christmas tree in the school lobby:

Ah... I'm almost getting some christmas spirit here. Apart from the autumn leaves, +15c (but I think that's freakin COLD man) and the total lack of snow.
Anyway. I wonder what's in the packages! If they're empty, I will be sad.
Good night!

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さらまり さんのコメント...

Ylva and a Christmas tree, its the perfect picture! I love christmas. I'm sorry to hear it's getting cold, but your outfit looks very stylish and warm!

lex さんのコメント...

You're so pretty ^^ I especially like your coat <3

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Saramari: thank you, that's so sweet of you to say!

lex: thanks, it's a favorite although I don't use it very much

★Emelie★ さんのコメント...

indian curry? Blasphemious! Japanese is the way to GO GO GO!