In a couple of weeks, the schooltrips that's arranged every three months will this time take us to Fuji-Q highland, a theme park just at the base of Mount Fuji! I'm really excited about it, they have some really awesome looking jetcoasters and also....

...the haunted hospital! Gotta admit I look most forward to this. The world's largest haunted attraction; a labyrinth route of 900m that takes around 60min to complete.

So, I want to walk this because I think it would be fun? Or because I like to look fear in the eye and laugh at it? No no no. If I take this route, I''ll probably get scared shitless and cry/screm/cry-scream my guts out while in fetal position or something. And I want to expose myself to that because.......?
I dunno. Maybe because there's such a thrill in being scared when you know it's not for real yay!
All I know is that I might have to ride the tea cups for the rest of the day afterwards. Yes. Awesome!

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Oooh, awesome, you're so lucky! ;A;
I really want to go to Fuji-Q Highland~