Gundam Café

After being in Ueno we went to Akihabara and since my boyfriend is a big fan of Gundam, we went to the Gundam Café just outside the station. As for me, who's not that much into robots, I thought it was made of win.

Inside is (obviusly) Gundam themed, with lots of figures, and a huge TV showing various Gundam stuff. Oh, and it's not very expensive either, a coffe and dessert for 700yen.

Now, the café was really cool and if you're a fan of Gundam it's a must see, but what I enjoyed the most was... the toilet! There was a button on the wall, and when pushing it the light started changing violently and sounds came out making it look like you was in an actual Gundam! Well, it felt a bit weird taking off into space while on the toilet peeing, but alas, awesome.

Actually, this was the second time ever that I've been to Akihabara, and it was just like I remember it from one year ago: maids, nerds, middle/highschool kids, tourists. Still not a big fan, but it was fun going back.

And since Ryo wants to go inside basically every game center we pass by, there was a lot of stops, haha. But this time, he won a nyanko for me!
Ooooh happy days~


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Super sonic outer space toilet cabins! 8D I didn't see that cafe, I need to go!
And frankly, the only thing I like about Akiba.. the nerds. It's like living in a drama.
Moe nyan~