They told him at work that having bright blonde hair was overdoing it, that he should color it. In my opinion, blonde hair fits pretty damn well with the JackRose image they have over there, buuuut we are in Japan so yah... Anyway so. The new color is: purple.
How's does purple with a hint of blue work better than bleached blonde?
I wondered. Turns out it wasn't exactly the color he ordered, and that the red (...what red?) will dissappear after a while, and that they will recolor it in a while... Naw. Haha.
Weeeeell, purple is pretty cool if you ask me, haha.
So I will have a pretty fun time for a while!
Purple hihi.

4 件のコメント:

IamNOTprogram さんのコメント...

HA va awesome! :D Men hur kunde det bli så fel om det skulle bli brunt :S det är de jag undrar.. jag har lyckats jävligt bra med missfärgningar i mitt liv... :O men aldrig från blont som ska bli brunt till...lila :S grönt har det blivit . :O men aldrig lila :o undrar vad de kommer säga på jobbet nudå? :O

★Emelie★ さんのコメント...

Jag fick ju lila hår då jag skulle bli brunhårig tidigare i sommar..

Det betyder bara att han hade jäkligt ordentligt blont hår, som det ska vara! :D

さらまり さんのコメント...

I thought the blond hair suited him and the style of his shop well :/ But he looks great with purple hair too so its ok XD

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Malin + Emelie: They were trying to get it like some kind of reddish brown.... I think, haha.
And tenchou-san said he looked like an obaa-chan, haha, taskigt!

Saramari: Yea, me too. (kind of miss it a bit) But when it comes to it, in Japan blonde like that is a bit over the top I guess...